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Best Wix Websites 2023

Stay tuned here for the Best Wix Websites of 2023! Wix is still our hands down favorite website builder in 2023. No other website builder has the drag-and-drop WYSIWYG design & editing action that Wix provides. Wix is a great platform for website designers as well as our clients, because it's easy to use, it excels at SEO, and the websites can look amazing across all devices. Here are some of our favorite websites designed in Wix:

This non-profit Wix website designed for People and Pollinators allows this non-profit to keep their website updated with the latest pollinator events, fundraising opportunities, policy changes, and so much more. They love being able to keep their own website updated, and hire us regularly to create new pages or sections such as Colorado Pollinator Month.

Best Wix Websites 2023: Author Website

A Wix website design that we just designed and launched in July 2023 was for Harry N. MacLean, a New York Times bestselling author of true crime novels, shown above and below. This will be one of our best author website designs!

Best Wix Websites 2023: Author Website on Tablet

The site looks good on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices – as always with Wix websites we make sure to custom design both the desktop and mobile views so the user experience is streamlined for all devices.

Best Wix Websites 2023: Author Website on Phone

Best Wix Websites 2023: Financial Company Website

We also recently designed a financial advisor's website, shown above, which has subtle backgrounds with parallax scrolling, and simple animations to create a classy-looking website experience to learn about the company.

Best Wix Websites 2023: Travel Websites

This travel agency website design, shown above, has lots of fun elements throughout to make it engaging and inspiring to get people excited about their next travel experience.

Best Wix Websites 2023: Food Industry Websites
Best Wix Websites 2023: Roofing Company Websites

So visit this post in 2023 for the best Wix websites that we'll be launching in the year to come. For now, to see more of stunning Wix websites, be sure to check out some of the Best Wix Websites on this page.

Best Wix Websites 2023: For Garden Tour
Best Wix Websites 2023: Mushroom Farm
Best Wix Websites for Non-Profit
Best Wix Websites 2023: Gardening Magazine

The website above is one of our best Wix websites we've designed for a garden-related client. Colorado Gardener is a magazine that has been a great resource for gardeners across the state for over 27 years! We designed this site to archive all of their great gardening articles, as well as feature the new issues and articles, and banner ads from their sponsors. We also work to design the best Wix websites with businesses in all arenas, such as for this social media marketing company below,, we're currently redesigning their third website design in Wix to give it a fresh look. After 3-5 years, many clients want a fresh look for their website, and it's super easy to redesign websites in Wix!

Best Wix Websites 2023: website

Best Wix Website: Software Company Website
Best Wix Websites 2023 - Distillery Website

This distillery website includes video tours, a YouTube channel feed for master distiller, Stephen Gould's cocktail recipes, tour booking, store locator, and more. I love working with local businesses!

Best Wix Websites 2023 - Distillery Website for Golden Moon looks great on mobile!
Best Wix Websites 2023 - Distillery Website for Golden Moon looks great on laptops, too!

Stay tuned for more of the Best Wix Websites coming in 2023!

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