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Denver Illustrator

Illustrations by Idelle Fisher

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In addition to being a Graphic Designer and Web Designer, I also love to illustrate. My illustrations are mostly based in nature, I love illustrating vegetables, gardens, greenhouses, fish, ocean creatures, mermaids and plants and flowers.


I am also available as a Children's Book Illustrator, please reach out if you have a story about nature that you'd like to have illustrated! I generally work in pen and ink and watercolor and I have a sketchy &  light style of illustration. See some recent illustrations below:

Denver Illustrator - Eggplant by Idelle Fishe

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Vegetable Garden Illustrator

Looking for an Illustrator for your next gardening project? In addition to being a full-time graphic designer and website designer, I also love to illustrate for Children's books, gardening magazines and websites, and any other books or publications that are looking for hand-drawn gardening illustrations. Please contact me online or call me at 720.260.3541 to discuss your illustration needs.

Children's Book Illustrator

Looking for an Illustrator for your next children's book? I love to illustrate children books about gardening, the outdoors, nature and flowers. Contact me to discuss your Children's book illustrator needs. I'm based in Denver, Colorado and can meet clients here in Denver or I am also available by phone, Skype, and Google Hangouts. 

Illustrations by Idelle Fisher.


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Please contact me if you'd like to purchase any illustrations for use in books, publications, websites or magazines. 

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