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Best Farm Websites

We love working with farms for their website designs!

I'm tickled green to be able to work on a farm website design for Lakeridge Maple Farm, who offers organically produced maple syrup products and firewood. Jason, one of the owners, is wonderful to work with, and they have a great story about creating their own "sugar bush." Their maple syrup is delicious! Read more about them on their website below: Check out their website at:

View more website design projects in our Website Portfolio » I love working with green businesses like Garden Shops, Nurseries, Farms, Farmer's Markets, and Seed Companies. I design beautiful custom websites, and I also offer Graphic Design services including logo design, business cards, catalog design, brochures, seed packets, mailers, banners, you name it!

Best Farm Websites Designer

Another fun farm website design I've work on is for, a Wisconsin mushroom farm that specializes in growing mushrooms on logs outdoors organically. This website also has an ecommerce store, this one uses Wix's partner, Ecwid, for a more sophisticated online store that allows for custom Farm Share pickups at the CSA pickups at local farmer's markets. They also recently added shippable products so they can ship their fabulous dried mushrooms around the country. Their amazing dried mushrooms, when rehydrated, look like they were freshly picked!

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So if you're looking for the Best Farm Website design for your business, please reach out for a free estimate.


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