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I am a logo designer based in Denver, Colorado. I love designing logos for client, so if you're looking for a logo for your business, non-profit organization, product or service, please reach out and we can talk about your ideas.  My logo design packages include 3-6 original concepts, working with clients to finalize concept, finalization of logo, and providing logo in various formats (EPS, PDF, AI, JPG, PNG for future use).


Logo design involves illustration, typeface selection or creation, and color selection.

Good logos work well in both color and black and white, and usually it is good to have a reversed version of your logo so that it can be placed on a black background.

Businesses should have all formats of their logo for different uses:

EPS, PDF and AI files that are vector-based are best for printing. Vector-based logos can be scaled to any size, so they can be printed at half an inch or used to produce extra-large signage. Vector files are also good in printed applications where the logo will be placed on different colored backgrounds, as they are transparent and don't have a "white box" around them.

JPGs are great for web use. They are not transparent so they have to be provided on the background color to be used. 

PNGs are great for web use as well, and have a transparent background so that they can be placed on different colored backgrounds.

I provide all of these formats with my logo design packages. 

The Logo Design Process:

When designing a logo, I work with the client to figure out what their product or business is about, what colors they are drawn to, typeface preferences (san serif or serif, italics, cursive, modern, classic, etc), and if there are any ideas for the icon that they'd like me to explore. I then design the logo and icon in Illustrator and sometimes by hand on paper, creating a variety of concepts for review and feedback. The client can then provide feedback on what they like or don't like, and we can combine multiple concepts and/or make icon illustration adjustments and color or type changes to finalize the logo design. Below are some of my logo design artboards to give you a glimpse of my logo design process. 

Logo design concepts for a local Denver company offering local and organic preserves: 

Logo design concepts for a bike-in movie night at a local Denver restaurant, Blake Street Tavern:

Logo design concepts for a local Denver tea company selling lightly sweetened natural teas for kids:

Logo design concepts for the non-profit The Gathering Place's Art Restart program:

Below is a logo design concept board for Aging Well, a new health website: 

Denver Logo Designer for Health Website

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