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Wix Templates

Here is my collection the best Wix templates that I've designed for my clients. If you are looking for a custom Wix template for your business, contact me today and we can discuss your options. I have many templates, similar to these shown here, that could be adapted easily for your business. Or, I'm also happy to design a Wix website template from scratch for you. When I design Wix templates, I can provide you with several template options with different colors, graphics, imagery and fonts. This way, you can see visually which Wix template is best for your business.


I am a expert Website Designer, and can help you build your Wix website template with customized features for your business.  We can fully customize everything on the website – the possibilities are endless, we can setup an online store, setup a scheduling and booking system that takes payments and has calendar scheduling, add blogs, add forums, we can add custom photo galleries in a variety of styles and formats that suit your needs, we can embed third-party content such as IDX or a MLS search for realtors, or sophisticated forms to gather information or collect file uploads from your customers. We can also add video, ability for users to subscribe to your video channel, embed YouTube or Vimeo videos easily, and even setup email newsletter signup forms for any email software (Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Vertical Response, etc). Wix is a great platform that allows for an endless variety of customizations via the Wix platform, apps, and embedding third-party content so your Wix template can grow with your business over time.


Contact me today for a free website estimate!

These Wix templates are design concepts I designed for a garden nursery in California:

Wix Templates - Garden Nursery

Here's the second concept that is more image heavy: 

Wix Template - Garden Nursery

Here is a Wix template I built for a fundraising website for a prestigious college in Colorado:

Wix Templates - College

Here is a Wix template I built for a handyman business in NYC:

Wix Templates - Handyman

This Wix template was designed for a renewal energy & solar energy Colorado non-profit:

Wix Template for Solar Company

This is a Wix template I customized for my husband's print production business: 

Wix Template for Designer

This is a Wix template I designed for a farmers market in Denver:

Wix Templates for Farmers Market

This is a restaurant Wix template I designed for Calico in Jackson Hole, Wyoming: 

Here is one of the Wix templates I built for my SEO Hero blog:

Wix Templates with SEO

This is one of my favorite Wix templates for a yoga studio in Colorado:

Wix Templates for Yoga Studio

Another one of my favorite Wix templates I custom built for a restaurant:

Wix Templates for Restaurants

These are just a few of the Best Wix website templates that I designed for businesses. If you are looking for the best Wix templates to customize for your business, I can work with you to customize a template or build a Wix template from scratch. No matter what your needs, I can recommend the best solutions for your business requirements – I can also give you advice on whether Wix is a good platform for you, or if you should build your online store or website on a different platform if necessary for your goals. Wix is great for 90% of business needs, but for sophisticated ecommerce websites or membership-driven websites, other options may be better suited. With over 15 years of experience, I've worked on nearly every platform, and can make the best recommendation for your business website needs. 

The best Wix Templates have the following:

  • Easy to use navigation that is user-friendly

  • A call to action – Contact Us, Get an Estimate, Book a Reservation, Buy, etc...

  • Fast loading clean design

  • Quality images that reflect professionalism and your business

  • Mobile-friendly layouts that look good and are easy to navigate on phones

  • Prominent contact information – your customers should be able to find your phone number, your address or fill out a simple contact form quickly and easily. Don't hide your phone number like so many companies do these days, it only annoys your potential customers – make it as easy as possible for them to contact you!

  • Good SEO (Search engine optimization) – As a long-time professional website designer, I've worked with many SEO companies over the years, there is a lot behind optimizing a website SEO – doing proper keyword research, identifying the best keywords for your business, and then optimizing the page titles, page URLs, meta tags, alt text and content to incorporate the keywords is crucial to getting found online. I offer a SEO package that will get your website optimized and will consult you on how you can continue to do SEO going forward. I also offer ongoing SEO services that include adding keyword driven content on your website (like commonly asked questions related to your services). 

If you are looking for the Best Wix Designer in the business – I am happy to give you a free estimate on web design or any other graphic design services you need for your business.

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Restaurant Wix Template
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