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Best Wix Websites in 2024

Looking for the Best Wix Websites in 2024? As an expert Wix Website Designer, I love sharing amazing Wix websites that I build for clients. Check out all of these recently designed websites that look amazing across all platforms, are easy to edit, and they are easily found in search engines to help grow these businesses:

Best Wix Websites in 2024 - Non-Profit

Wix is a great platform for non-profits such as, shown aboe, who help bring deep knowledge of and experience with pollinator protection, community development, environmental policy, sustainable agriculture, and habitat management.

Wix websites are also great for service companies such as this local Denver woodworker, above, as it allows for easy setup of a project portfolio/gallery that allows this small business to add more of their projects to their website over time to show off their amazing work. After the website was designed, they quickly learned how to update and add more projects to their website over time with a training call and recorded video tutorials so they felt confident to add new great content to their website over time. This is one of my favorite Wix websites as it really shows off their beautiful photos of their work of custom kitchen cabinets, bathrooms and more.

Best Wix Websites: Sports Equipment Company

We just finished designing a website for a sports equipment company, and are excited to announce the launch of who offers sideline tents for athletes, athletic trainers, and medical staff to help provide sideline privacy for injured players.

Best Wix Websites in 2024 - Realtor and Real Estate

Some of the best Wix websites are for vacation rentals and realtors to help show off beautiful homes.

Best Wix Websites in 2024 - Gardening Website

The best Wix websites include websites for blogs and resources like the website above, that is packed with native plant information for Maryland, Virginia, and the Chesapeake bay region.

Best Wix Websites in 2024 - Hotel & Vacation Rentals

Wix is also a great platform for hotels, motels, and Wix websites are perfect for vacation rentals. Wix has a built in Bookings app that allows customers to check availablility calendars and book directly through the website, as well as VRBO and AirBnB integration.

Best Wix Websites in 2024: Architect

Landsape designers, architects and landscape service companies like tree companies love the Wix platform, as it's easy to show off beautiful work and make it simple for customers to find and reach out to book a consultation.

Best Wix Websites 2024 - Direct Mail Marketing Company Website

Market your business with a beautiful Wix website! No two Wix websites are the same, we custom design each Wix website for our client's look and feel! No rigid templates needed.

Best Wix Websites: Travel Agency & Vacation Rentals

Travel agencies also love Wix for beautiful websites to how off vacation spots and packages to get people excited to book a vacation!

Best Wix Websites - Best Wix Websites - Sports Equipment Company

Wix looks great for all types of clients!

Stay tuned here as we post more of the Best Wix Websites that we'll be building in 2024.


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