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Is Wix good for vacation rentals?

Wix is a great platform for vacation rentals, hotels, inns and lodges – it can be integrated with third-party booking systems (AirBnB, VRBO, WebRez, etc) or Wix also has it's own built-in Hotels and Booking apps that allow your website to take bookings directly and skip the middle-man and their fees. You can also do both, have direct booking on your site, but also be on AirBnB, VRBO or other vacation rental platforms so that you get the best of both worlds, people will find you on those third-party platforms but they can also find you directly on Google and book with you directly.

Is Wix good for vacation rentals - yes, it's great for rental properties and real estate.

Wix Vacation Rental Websites can also be custom designed with beautiful full-width images of your location, rooms & scenery so vacationers can fall in love with your vacation rental and book their trip. Wix websites also look great on mobile and can be fully customized for the mobile user experience, which is essential as so many people use their phones to plan vacations these days!

The best wix websites for travel services or rentals include full screen slideshows or photos that entice users to book!

Is Wix good for vacation rentals?
Is Wix good for vacation rentals? It sure is!

Here are some examples of Wix Vacation Rental Websites we've built, along with hotels:

Is Wix good for vacation rentals? This Vacation Rental Resort loves their new Wix website.

The Ruidoso River Resort website features scrolling effects to show off all the beautiful photos of their vacation rentals resort:

Here's a scrolling view of the website when launched:

Is Wix good for Hotels?

My Wix Hotels Review: Wix is a great platform for hotels, lodges and inns. Wix can have beautiful imagery and galleries to show off your perfect vacation location and also help book your rooms. I find that the Wix Hotels app also works great for many hotels. If you can work within it's framework, it is an easy to use system. While sometimes compromises are needed to make it work for every unique need, but it is a nice simple platform that is easily built on Wix. Of course, if the Wix Hotels or Bookings apps aren't fullfilling the required needs for your hotel, you can still have a beautiful Wix website that can be integrated with third-party booking systems, either by embedding the booking widgets onto your website, or linking out to them. Wix can continue to be the platform for your website to beautifully show off all your amenities, location, faqs, things to do, event rooms, etc – and we can integrate any specialized booking engine for the booking calendar and payments. Here is an example of a Wix website built for the RiverWalk Inn:

Here's a scroll tour of this Wix hotel website:

We can integrate any booking system with your Wix website for your hotel, vacation rental or lodge, and the website can also feature interactive Google Maps of your location, full screen slideshows, videos, and so much more. Show off your hotel, inn, or vacation rental with a new Wix website!

Is Wix good for Hotels? It works great on mobile!

Mobile optimization is crucial for vacation rentals and hotels, as people use their phones for researching vacations. Wix websites allow for full customization of the mobile view so the site works perfectly on mobile for easy browsing and booking. Of course, it's also important to look good on laptops and desktops, and Wix can do it all.

Is Wix good for Hotels? It works well on desktops and laptops, too.

Wix is also great for travel agencies such as shown above, plus lots of other vacation type services and busiensses because you can build a beautiful website that gets people excited about their next vacation. With full screen photos and galleries featuring vacation spots and vacation rentals, plus custom booking options, forms and features, Wix is the perfect website platform for vacation rentals and travel services.

Want more inspiration?

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Need a Website Designer?

If you are looking for help designing your Hotel or Vacation Rental website, reach out! We will let you know if Wix and what booking platform is best for your needs, and can build it from the ground up. Once the website is designed and approved, we can train your staff on how to make updates and edits, though we can also help with ongoing design needs if desired.


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