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SEO Website Designer

SEO-driven Website Design based in Denver, Colorado

I am a SEO expert and a Website Designer & Graphic Designer in Denver, Colorado. I design websites to be found! I offer SEO Consulting packages and, unlike other SEO companies, I don't just consult, I will actually help you write and build lots of good optimized content that will get found and shared! I will help you turn your website into an online empire of knowledge about everything relating to your business services or products.  I will research keywords and make recommendations on what your website should be optimized for, then I will build the optimized SEO page titles, descriptions, and alt image text tags with the keywords and well-written content. Additionally, I can help research commonly searched topics and can make recommendations to you or write the content for you. SEO isn't rocket science, it's just becoming the online expert in what you want to be found for. I can help you do it!


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This website is a testament to how I can help get websites to the top of search engines, I've optimized it for keywords such as: Denver Web Design, Wix Web Design, Infographic Designer, Wix Designer, SEO Hero, and many other keywords and it's on the first page for these and many other keyword terms! Getting to the top of searches is all about how you build your website and add content.


SEO Consulting & Packages

I consult with many other businesses on their SEO for their own websites, and help them identify the best keywords to optimize for, and then to optimize their pages and write good new content on an ongoing basis to get their sites to the top for the keywords desired. It's not a difficult process, it's simply writing and creating good content that is helpful to both your customers and potential customers. 

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View some of my recent Website Design work below:

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SEO Website Designer in Denver
SEO Website Designer
SEO Website Designer
SEO Website Designer
SEO Website Designer Freelancer
SEO Website Designer in Denver


Above are some examples of recent website design projects for lots pf clients. With all websites I design, I build in SEO into the page titles, meta despriptions and alt tags so the website is built right from the start. Then I consult with clients on how they can continue to build their website with good SEO content that will help them be found.


Some of my clients include:  New Energy Colorado, Colorado School of Mines, Garden Nurseries, Mangy Moose (a famous restaurant in Jackson Hole), a Yoga Instructor, and a Handyman/IKEA Delivery & Assembly service. In addition to being a Denver Website Designer, I also logos, business cards, brochures, mailers, annual reports, catalogs, books and more.


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