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Technically, a cinemagraph is just a GIF or a Graphics Interchange Format. Basically, a short, animated image that is becoming very trendy these days for advertisements, digital art, and of course, memes!


Cinemagraphs are a more sophisticated, subtle version of the old-school animated gif.


The pioneers of the Cinemagraph were graphics artist Kevin Burg and photographer Jamie Beck, who coined the term cinemagraph and used the technique to animate their New York Fashion Week and news photographs since early 2011.



You can also have fun with messaging over your images as well, as in this cinemagraph design below:

While there is software that is designed to make cinemagraphs, if you're looking for something custom, I employ a technique using Photoshop and Quicktime to create Cinemagraphs from video clips.


Here is a tutorial on how to do it, I create my cinemagraphs slightly differently but it's the same idea– this is a somewhat advanced Photoshop tutorial, so it's a bit tricky and there are several steps, but it works great!


P.S. This Cinemagraph was created from a clip from a video on YouTube by Tomislav Vucic: click here to view original video »

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