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Wix Website Examples

If you're looking for a Wix Designer, I love working with restaurants, artists, garden shops, and all sorts of small or large businesses to design beautiful Wix websites. I am a full-time freelance Wix designer based in Denver, Colorado, and I am reliable, friendly and easy to work with! All of my clients love their websites and I'm always available to answer questions or provide tips to my clients on editing their websites after launch. I also am happy to work with clients on their existing Wix website designs, I can adopt and improve any Wix website to enhance the design, add functionality, review and even help improve SEO (search engine optimization).

Wix Website Examples: Website Design for Solar Company

To view some of my recent Wix website examples, visit my Wix Designer Portfolio page which has lots of website design examples using Wix (as well as Shopify and Wordpress). I don't exclusively design websites in Wix, but I do highly recommend it for most business websites. For more sophisticated ecommerce or database needs, I may recommend other platforms such as Shopify for ecommerce or Wordpress for bloggers, but Wix does have ecommerce and blogging built in that is suitable for most businesses.

Below are a few recent Wix website examples (click on the images to view my Wix website design examples portfolio page with links to view the Wix website designs)