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The Trout Mermaids
Book Illustrator: Idelle Fisher

In addition to Graphic Design and Web Design, I also love to draw and paint in my freetime. I've been working on a series of Trout Mermaid watercolor illustrations for a book I'm working on. I thought it would be fun to illustrate miniature freshwater mermaids with trout and other underwater life like insects, frogs, newts and plants using watercolor and pen. Below are some of my most recent Trout Mermaid illustrations and studies for the book:

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The Trout Mermaids
Illustrated Children's Book by Idelle Fisher


These miniature, fairy-like creatures inhabit freshwater rivers. They are friends with trout, and help clean up litter in rivers – they collect lures, glass jars, and other "junk" left by fishermen and hikers and create jeweled homes decorated with the treasures they find. 

I am working on a book with watercolor illustrations about the Trout Mermaids' adventures in our freshwater streams. The book, in addition to telling us how to protect and conserve our rivers, will also reveal fun science facts, such as discussing the underwater life in rivers, ponds and lakes.

All Illustrations and "The Trout Mermaids" Name © 2017-2018 Idelle Fisher

Topics will include: Entomology, Conservation, Birding

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The Trout Mermaid book
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What is a Trout Mermaid?

A Trout Mermaid is a species of freshwater mermaid which live in rivers and lakes in mountain areas. Similar to trout, Trout Mermaids thrive in highly oxygenated cold water.

Mermaids are a clever bunch, and are quite artistic so they love making beautiful arrangements and planting underwater gardens and tending moss gardens on the shore. 

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Trout Mermaid
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