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Wix Phishing Emails - How to Report

Avoid engaging with Spam Wix Form Submissions & Scam Emails

Phishing is a fraudulent technique used to impersonate legitimate trusted sources in order to collect sensitive data such as passwords, account logins or details and credit card numbers. This is not isolated to just Wix websites, all website platforms and contact forms are subject to spammers and scammers. Wix website contact forms, like forms across all web platforms, are often used by spammers and phishers to reach out to website owners to try to sell them services by falsely stating they have bugs or errors in their website code.

See this fake spam submission below, this "Daniel Reeves" character submitted this exact same message using Wix website forms on multiple Wix websites. Note that these types of generic messages are just spam, myself and many other Wix Designers have seen this exact same message go out to other Wix contact forms. There are typically no serious errors or bugs in the Wix websites' code, this is just a phishing attempt to get people to reply or click on links, and worse, to send payments to them.

I recommend to clients that they mark/report these types of emails as spam and delete. Do NOT reply to these messages or click on any of the links.

Here's another example of another spam email to Wix website owners from the spammer identifying himself as "Daniel Reeves":

Spam Wix form submission text:

My name is Daniel, and I'm a Wix advisor.

Your website looks good, but it contains serious errors in the source code that make it difficult to find on Google. Below, I'm sending you a report in which you'll find a list of the most important errors in the website's code. Once these are corrected, your website will be re-indexed on Google, and in a short time, it will achieve much higher positions in the search engine. LINK

If you want your website to reach its full potential, review this report and adjust your website according to the recommendations included. The above report is completely free and non-binding. However, if you're interested in having our experts help you eliminate all errors, fully optimize your website, and submit it to Google for re-indexing, all you need to do is fill out a short application form. We have a special promotion for you till the end of the day to optimize your website for one-time fee: $135 (regular price: $245). Your discount link: LINK

Ignore and delete these Wix form submissions, there are NOT errors in your website's code, these are generic emails blasted out to every Wix website they can find to try to con people out of money unnecessarily. Do NOT click on the links in these submissions, as they could be phishing for your information.

Attackers also attempt to impersonate Wix or Wix Designers with fake emails and websites in order to target and deceive.  To help identify and report suspicious messages pretending to come from Wix, a phishing Wix Designer, or other legitimate sources, check out the link below:  

It's important that you do NOT reply to these messages and NOT to click on any of the links, especially if they are asking you to login at the link they provide. Sometimes a link will take you to a page that looks like Wix's login page, but it's really a fake site collecting your login details so they can scam you and get access to your website. I have the same advice for for bank emails, or any companies that send you an email. I always will go directly to the bank or other company website to login, I never use links provided in emails to do so as scammers are clever and while some emails may look real, they are often not and by clicking on the links and logging into these seemingly real but fake websites, this is how they gain access to your accounts. Report any phishy looking emails as spam and delete the emails. You can also search Google for the text from an suspect email to see if it's been used before, which is very common.

Be safe out there!


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