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Image Maps on Wix - Use Invisible Buttons

As a Wix Designer I like to share lots of tips to help people better use Wix. Here's a simple way to link certain areas on an image to any page, website URL, document, or phone number of your choice. Use invisible buttons.

Watch the video to learn how:

  1. Add any button

  2. Change button's background transparency to 0% on both states including the hover state. (These settings are found under the Paintbrush icon when you click on the button)

  3. Double click on the button (or link icon) to pull up the Button Settings panel. Choose "Nothing" from the dropdown under "Choose what displays." This allows you to still use an Accessible name which is great, and works like an invisible button over any image or spot on the page.

  4. Size and move the button to the area on the image that you want to link.

  5. Doublecheck the mobile view to make sure the button is where it's supposed to be in mobile as well.

Voila, that's it! This is a great alternative than having to use code for an image map.

Wix Image Map Linking with Invisible buttons

Image Maps on Wix

Technically you could add an Image Map to any Wix page, you would add the HTML embed code element on the page, and create an image map code to accomplish this (there are tools like that can help you write the code. But when I quickly tested it I could not get the image map links to work in the code, they were not linking though tall the code was there – perhaps I had something wrong in the code. But regardless, using invisible buttons on Wix websites to create clickable areas on an image is the fastest and easiest way to accomplish this goal.

Happy Wixing!

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