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Is Wix is good for SEO in 2023? Yes! How do I know? Because this very website and my sister SEO Hero website, both built entirely in Wix, have soared above hundreds of other SEO companies around the world who used their SEO skills to win Wix's $50,000 award for building the best ranking website for the keywords "SEO Hero." 

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These contest competitors were highly skilled SEO companies all looking to score the prize, and using various other platforms such as Wordpress (which is often touted to be better than Wix at SEO – this is simply not true.) 

I also find that all of my client websites built on Wix perform well with SEO - as long as their pages and content are updated regularly, written well, and are very informative on topics people are searching!


So yes, Wix can work wonders with SEO!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and Wix SEO is great as the platform allows for the setup all SEO titles, descriptions and image alt tags – plus it's actually easy to add content so you'll continue to improve your SEO over time. SEO Is a long-distance race, it's not something you do one-time. Wix makes it easy to add new good content over time so you can become the expert in your business. Many clients come to us with old outdated Wordpress sites that are either hacked, or are broken, or are simply hard for them to edit, so they let them go stale. With Wix websites and our training, these clients are MUCH better at keeping their sites up-to-date as it's so much easier and it's not scary! In fact, Wix has a wonderful Site History tool that let's you go back and restore previously saved versions of the site, so, I always tell people don't worry about messing it up or breaking it as you can do with Wordpress sites, as you can always restore a previously saved version. So they can create new pages, new content, and new blog posts without any fear. THIS is what makes Wix great at SEO – because you can't be afraid to edit your website if you want good SEO on your website! Wix is so easy to use, clients are actually excited to add content and make changes! That's what a good platform will do for you. 

Need Wix SEO Services? 

A SEO package may be just the thing for you to help get your website found.  My complete SEO packages range from $1200-$2000+ depending on number of pages to optimize. The package includes research of keywords and phrases to find out what people are searching for, then I provide detailed recommendations documentation, and then I will work to Optimize your Wix website with the keywords and meta tags that I recommend.  I can also build and optimize blog if needed, write blog posts, and/or create pages for specific keyword phrases, and then I will consult you and give you an idea hit-list for writing new blog articles or page content going forward – which is all great for SEO. It’s all about giving Google lots of information, and optimizing your content properly. Lastly, I will train you on how to keep doing your own SEO going forward. I also work with many clients for ongoing SEO. Here are a few:

Designed and optimized website SEO for keywords like “ikea delivery nyc” and “ikea assembly nyc” - he’s on the first page near the top.

Author website - Designed and optimized website SEO for keywords like:  “Sandra Dallas” as well as titles on her books like “The Last Midwife”
Newer Colorado Hot Sauce company came to me for help getting found – their site was nowhere to be found when we started with them. So we researched good keyword phrases and then optimized their website and wrote blog posts for a few months to help them get found. Now, they are on the first page for "Colorado Hot Sauce" and currently #1 in Denver for "Best Colorado Hot Sauce" as well as "White Hot Sauce" and other searches. Their traffic is sky high compared to when we started, and most people are finding the in-depth blog posts we wrote about each of these topics.

New Kitchen Store in Nashville, with brand new site, designed and optimized the pages for “Nashville kitchen store” which it ranks #1 in natural search results, and shows up on the map listings as well. As well as “Nashville Cooking Class” where it’s in the top 5-6 results. This is a great example of a new domain and website using the Wix Website platform that is doing very well with SEO.

My own website I optimized for “Wix Designer” “Wix Web Designer” “Infographic Designer” and many others that I rank on the first page.

SEO Hero - this website was built to compete for Wix's SEO Hero contest prize of $50,000. This is a Wix website, which I was excited to test it against against Wordpress and all the other platforms that hundreds of other SEO companies and Website Design firms were using to compete for the big $50K prize. While it didn't win, it did get an honorable mention from Wix, and it is currently ranking between #1-#3 on Google for the term "SEO Hero". So does Wix work for SEO? You bet it does! If you know how to use it and optimize your website. Keep in mind that the SEO Wiz tool that Wix offers is just a starting point, this will not get your website to the top of the search results, as that takes long-term, ongoing content building and also sharing on social media to get your website moving up in the rankings. 

Need SEO, Website Design, Logo Design or other design needs?

I'm happy to help.

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I offer SEO Consultations, SEO Packages for Websites, and SEO built-into my Website Design packages, so contact me today and I can give you an estimate for your needs. 


Check out my Wix SEO tips on how to use Wix's SEO tools to become your own SEO Hero.  


I also have tons of SEO tools on my sister SEO Hero website »

Here are some of my top tips for Wix SEO that I share with my clients:

  1. Wix has improved it's SEO for it's platform greatly over the years, I find that, if your SEO is done well, Wix ranks as fast if not faster than other platforms! Make sure to write content with keywords threaded in from quality keyword research. Make sure to include the main keyword phrase in your title as that is the most effective way for Google to index your page for that phrase. This does mean that your blog or page titles may not be as clever as some copywriters would like, but it is very important to get your page found.  You could use tools like Keywords Everywhere or Google Keyword Tool to find good keywords to focus on, and also use tools like to help you write good content that is going to be found. Let me know if you want help researching the best keywords for your Wix website's SEO.

  2. Always add new content to your site! Whether it is new content in the form of a blog post or page, or, if you're adding or rewriting content to make it better on existing pages or blogs, keeping your Wix website current is crucial for SEO. Stagnant sites tend to fall down in the rankings, so keeping your website fresh with new content is very important. I find that if I post a new blog or page, I often get more leads later in the week as it seems that Google may boost my pages in it's search results after new content is added. 

  3. Look at your website statistics and see what pages are getting the most traffic, those are your best topics to freshen up or to write more about. If you specialize in a certain niche, write more about that so that people can find you. For example, if you design a lot of restaurant websites, it would be great to write good content focusing on specific keyword phrases such as "Restaurant Website Design Company" or "Restaurant Website Design Templates", or "Best Restaurant Website", etc.

  4. Be informative and long-winded! Your content should be informative and in-depth. Writing pages or blog posts with 750+ words is helpful as it helps your website shine over the competition. Make sure to include great information that is useful to your readers, if you build it, they will come! Be patient, as new content can take several months to a year to rank well – so just keep at it and keep writing! Make sure to link to your new content from other pages and create backlinks from other websites if possible to help speed up the process. Pinterest is a great way to create backlinks to your site and also helps get your images indexed into the image search on Google.

  5. Need more ideas? Refer to your customers and clients! What questions do they ask most often? What problems do they have that you can help solve? Answer those questions on your website to help your content get found. Reach out if you want help figuring out what the best keywords for your Wix website's SEO!

*Unfortunately, I couldn't enter the Wix SEO Hero contest with because it did not qualify* – but I optimized it anyway for the "SEO Hero" keywords using my honest SEO techniques (and simple, good SEO content writing.) And it did very well – it is in the top results »

Read more about Wix SEO »

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