Is Wix is good for SEO? Yes! How do I know? Because this very website, built entirely in Wix, has soared above hundreds of other SEO companies around the world who used their SEO skills to win Wix's $50,000 award for building the best ranking website for the keywords "SEO Hero." 

These contest competitors were highly skilled SEO companies all looking to score the prize, and using various other platforms such as Wordpress (which is often touted to be better than Wix at SEO – this is simply not true.) 

Unfortunately, I couldn't enter the contest with Picklewix.com because it did not qualify* – but I optimized it anyway for the "SEO Hero" keywords using my honest SEO techniques (and simple, good SEO content writing.) And it did very well – it is in the top results »

So yes, Wix can work wonders with SEO!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and the Wix platform allows for the setup all SEO titles, descriptions and image alt tags – plus it's actually easy to add content so you'll continue to improve your SEO over time. SEO Is a long-distance race, it's not something you do one-time. Wix makes it easy to add new good content over time so you can become the expert in your business. 

Wix SEO Wiz Tool


Wix also has a new SEO Wiz tool that I reviewed in the video below, which has an Analyze Keywords tool that is great to see what keywords will work best. In the video I also show you where to setup your Wix SEO page title, page description, page URL, and keywords for each page in the SEO page settings.

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Check out my Wix SEO tips on how to use Wix's SEO tools to become your own SEO Hero.  


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