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Generative Fill - Photoshop

As a Graphic Designer, Website Designer, and Photo Retoucher, I love trying out new tools that actually work and are easy to use. Adobe Photoshop's Generative Fill tool is one of these tools (thanks to my husband who is an Expert Photo Retoucher who showed me how easy it was to use). This new 2024 Photoshop tool will certainly come in handy with client requests to remove objects from images, or to add objects, too.

Generative Fill - Photoshop

Here is a quick Photoshop Generative Fill tutorial to show how easy it is to use:

Simply make a selection, then click on "Edit > Generative Fill" to open the Generative Fill panel and type in what you want it to do.

Photoshop Generative fill not showing? Here is how you open the Generative Tool panel.

While it's not perfect, it does do a pretty decent job and saves a ton of time manually retouching out objects such as the people in this client photo. To polish it up more I would go in and add lines and remove any patterns and correct any shapes to make it perfect with the standard Photoshop tools like brushes, the Stamp tool, and Healing brushes.

Photoshop Generative fill not showing? First, make a selection on your image, then in your top menu click on "Edit > Generative Fill" to open the Regenerative Fill panel. See screenshot for reference.

This is a pretty great new tool, however, the generative results are not always 100% perfect, so if you need more expert photo retouching to polish it up but are not a Photoshop expert, feel free to reach out.

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