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Wix Storage Limit - Add space!

Wix started to enforce their storage limit last year, and now some clients have run out of room. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to easily figure out what images are being used on a Wix website, so it's hard to just go through your media library and delete unused images. (If you delete an image that is used on the website, it will appear as a missing image on any pages it is on, so be cautious if deleting images from your Media Library!) Plus, you also can't replace used images with compressed or smaller versions. I'm hoping that Wix will improve their Media Library options so we can more easily optimize our library for space, see my wish list below. But for now, if you need more space, an option is to add a Wix Storage Plan.

How do I get around Wix storage limit?

You can delete images and videos out of your library IF they are not used on your website. If you're not sure if an image or video is used on your site, you should be cautious as if you delete them they will appear as missing images or videos on your website. A workaround to this is to add a Wix Storage plan, they have a plan with 200GB for $5/month which is likely enough for most websites, but they also have more storage space in their upper tier storage plans such as 500GB and 1TB. See the pricing below:

Learn more about the Wix storage plans here:

Wix Wish List:

More on this Wix Storage Limit topic: I've written the Wix team about how we can better manage our media storage. Now that the storage restrictions are in place, my clients and I are running into issues with figuring out what images or videos are being used by clients' Wix websites, and sorting them by size so I can determine which images to remove or replace to make room when editing websites or duplicating and redesigning sites. Here are my suggestions:


Can you add file size sorting abilities, and show the file size next to each file to the List View in the media library? This will help us to better streamline client image libraries to keep storage size down. Being able to view all the file sizes and sorting by file size should be standard feature.


It would also be hugely helpful to be able to see what images are used vs. unused. Or, at least a warning if you try to delete a used image?


Additionally, the ability to replace images if desired (or somehow optimize them) without having to delete and upload the new version and then manually insert new images on pages would be ideal (basically, the ability to replace an image or video file with a smaller version in the media library so it retains the same filename and changes on any page it is used on...)

See video below to see what I mean:

I hope that Wix listens to our feedback and adds this functionality in the future. For now, you can buy a storage plan if more space is needed. But ideally, it would be nice to clean up our Media ibraries so that we can eliminate unused images and videos or reduce and replace used files to clear up space! Fingers crossed!


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