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But Wix is not responsive!

As a Wix Design Expert, one argument I hear often from die-hard Wordpress users is:

“But Wix is not responsive!”

This is simply not true. With the classic Wix Editor, you can use Strips and other full-width elements that flex with the screensize, from large monitors to small tablets. You have full control over how a website looks across all screens, super wide or super small. You can make it as responsive as you want it to be.

Plus, in Wix, you can CUSTOM design each and every one of your mobile pages using Wix's famous Mobile Editor that allows you to reorder, resize, rearrange, hide, or add new elements such as images or buttons or text to fully customize the mobile view to enhance the customer experience on phones.

With Wordpress or Shopify, you don't have much control over how the so-called "responsive" theme layout reflows for vertical mobile users. With Wix, you can control everything down to the last detail. You can ensure vital information and text is above the fold on phones. You can simplify and make pages like your homepage simpler and less scroll-ey (is that a term?!) You can move elements around, add or hide elements and make the mobile website the best it can possibly be. And all of this will not affect your desktop/tablet website version. Genius.

View some of the Best Wix Mobile Sites >

View some of the Best Wix Mobile Sites >

Wix IS responsive. Hands down. The essence of Wix is that it responds 100% to you. You can move any elements around to any spot on your webpage. You have 100% control over how your site looks on phones. You can overlap a circle over an image or text. You can do anything you want. Wix is to Wordpress as Photoshop is to Word. It is on another level. And, rather than battling the software, updates, plugins etc of Wordpress, Shopify, and other antiquated platforms, why not use Wix and have 100% of your time dedicated to full design control over your website. No more updates. No more theme "customizations." Just pure website design bliss.

If you're NOT a designer, don't worry – I can help!

I find that most of my clients don't like to DESIGN their websites, but, once designed, I offer training to every client so they feel confident to start editing and adding content to their own websites. And, if they really don't have the time or energy to update their websites, I also offer hourly rates for ongoing updates as desired. So if you're frustrated getting your website designed and launched, reach out and I can help!


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