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Best Wix Mobile Sites

As a Wix Web Designer, a big part of the website design is optimizing the Wix mobile site design to look great on phones.

Best Wix Mobile Sites: Non-Profit

Best Wix Mobile Sites - Best Wix Website for an Architect

The Wix editor is great in that it allows you to customize the mobile view of every page so you have full control over the placement, order, colors, font sizes and more in your mobile website. Part of our Wix Web Design fees include professional optimization of the mobile layout so all your viewers on phones can navigate and use your website easily. Check out some of our Best Wix Mobile Sites below, and make sure to view more of our Best Wix Websites which all have great-looking mobile sites!

Best Wix Mobile Sites - Colorado Gardener Mobile Wix Website Design

Colorado Gardener is a gardening magazine, we are recreating all their archived articles into a searchable website. This new mobile Wix site allows readers to read all the great stories and gardening tips on their phones in addition to picking up the free new print issues at gardening shops.

Best Wix Mobile Sites - People and Pollinators Mobile Wix Website Design

This website above is another one of our favorite Wix Mobile Sites as it features beautiful photography and information on how we can all help pollinators and people by eliminating pesticide use and planting native plants. The People and Pollinators Action Network’s staff and leaders bring deep knowledge of and experience with pollinator protection, community development, environmental policy, sustainable agriculture, and habitat management. This website helps them spread the word and gain pledges:

Best Wix Mobile Sites: Hotel Wix Website

This is another one of the Best Wix Mobile Sites built for an Inn. The mobile view is gorgeous as well for checking out all the activities to do at the inn including birding and hiking. We also helped them with their SEO so they could be found!

Best Wix Mobile Sites: Garden Store

Another beautiful website we've designed was for, a wonderful garden center in California, the Wix mobile website design is shown above.

Best Wix Mobile Sites for Restaurant

The mobile website for Blake Street Tavern was designed with ease-of-use in mind for phone browsers so their customers can quickly find the hours, directions and menu for their Denver sports bar.

View more of our Best Wix Websites and their Mobile layouts in our Wix Website Design Portfolio »


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