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Is Wix the Best Website Builder?

Yes, as an expert Website Designer, I believe that Wix is currently the best website builder out there for most of my clients. Due to it's ease of use and design flexibility, mobile-friendliness, and SEO features, I recommend it to most of my clients now in 2022. I do work in other platforms such as Shopify and Wordpress. I find that Shopify is a good option for complex ecommerce stores, and Wordpress can also do more sophisticated membership-accessible features and areas if needed. But for most businesses' informational websites, Wix is the perfect website builder! In Wix we can build beautiful custom websites that are unique, engaging, mobile-friendly and can be easily found on search engines. Best of all, they're easy to edit!

Is Wix the Best Website Builder?

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Here are some common questions when someone is coming to Wix from another platform:

1. Is Wix easy to use? We have different staff members who will need to edit it, so it needs to be easy.

Yes, Wix is quite easy to edit, I also make a tutorial videos on how to easily add or edit blog posts, add content to the homepage and subpages, add images to slideshows/etc. There is also a phone app that allows people to add edit and add blog posts from phones, which can come in handy.

Another great feature is that Wix has UNDOs, and Wix even has a backup "Site History" feature that is super easy to use and allows you to restore any previously saved version of the site. This comes in handy if someone is in the editor and accidentally deletes a whole page or section or makes another blunder and you want to quickly go back to the previously published version. So you never have to worry about "breaking" your site – you can always go back in time! I LOVE this feature of Wix.

2. Is the risk of hacking more of an issue on Wix compared to Wordpress or Blogger?

My experience with Wix is that no websites on it have never been hacked that I’ve heard of (unlike Wordpress and other open-source platforms that tend to get hacked a lot!) One of the great benefits of using Wix is it is a hosted solution, and Wix has a strong emphasis on security. Wix has a closed hosting system that they are constantly monitoring for security so it’s not easily hacked as open-source platforms like Wordpress. The only real way Wix could get "hacked” is if the password was weak or given out… but I have not had any problems with this. This is not to say that down the road Wix websites or servers cannot be hacked (anything can be hacked!), but currently this has not yet been a problem for any of my hundreds of client websites on the Wix platform.

3. We've heard you can't migrate content off Wix, so once you're there, you're there unless you start over. Is that right? Can we save our content off of Wix?

Website platforms are never really compatible with each other even if content does get 'exported’. While you cannot export/migrate content automatically off of Wix to another platform, this is similar when switching from other platforms (even though you could export the blog posts out of Wordpress, for example, you still have to manually build any pages and reformat any exported content over if moving to a different platform).

So, the fact that there isn't a magic button to change platforms, this is the same for all platforms, there is always work involved with moving to a different website builder. If down the road we want to migrate a Wix website to another platform it’s just a matter of rebuilding the content on the new platform. This is not that different if you were moving off of other platforms. Typically, when you’re ready to migrate to a different/new platform, you’re ready to rebuild and redesign the website anyway and take advantage of new features/apps/etc. Also, since website builder platforms are never really compatible with each other – even if the content can get ‘exported’, websites usually always have to be rebuilt if changing platforms.

That said, on Wix, you still own your content, and, it is possible to download images and copy over content from Wix onto other platforms if desired.

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