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Wix's New Ads Nailed It.

These new Wix ads made me laugh – they illustrate EXACTLY why Wordpress sites drive my clients and myself nuts. Watch the Wix ad videos lower in this post below...

New Wix Ads Nailed It
New Wix Ads Nailed It - Website Designer's Opinion

I have been a Website Designer for over 16 years, and I've worked on way too many Wordpress sites during that time. When I discovered Wix in 2015, it was just coming into it's own after changing from being Flash-based to being HTML5-based, a game changer. And boy, it's come a long way in the past 6 years, all of my initial concerns with the platform have been resolved by Wix over time (SEO functionality, custom URLs, ability to customize with code), and now I believe it to be a very robust platform that works for 95% of my client's website design needs.

While I don't think that Wix needed to highlight Wordpress issues in their commercials... as Wix is already earning the support of website designers like me all over the globe because of their amazing editor... without having to nay-say other platforms... I must admit, these ads nailed it on the head.

It's true. Wordpress sites are a constant hassle. If you're not busy enough updating plugins and the WP software on a regular basis, you're dealing with hackers getting in and posting spammy links in your code, or plugins getting outdated or conflicting with each other. It's an ongoing battle to keep Wordpress sites clean and functional. Any business owner with Wordpress for their website will relate to any of these ads:

I can't tell you how many of my website design clients come to me as they have existing Wordpress sites that are stale, broken, hacked, or have outdated versions or plugins, conflicting plugins, the list goes on... Many clients share that it's just plain impossible for them to understand how to edit their Wordpress websites so they let them get stagnate and outdated for years. Many Wordpress website business owners are afraid they'll break the website if they try to do the updates themselves, which is true – you better know what you're doing if you start fooling around with the updates. A simple update can turn into a couple hours of troubleshooting if anything goes wrong. And sometimes, your Wordpress's website hosting provider won't let you update due to PHP or other server limitations so you can't update at all. Frustrating, to say the least.

It is possible to keep a Wordpress website healthy and up-to-date, but it's an ongoing process, and it's best to backup your site files and databases before casually clicking the "Update" button in your WP dashboard... JUST in case you need to restore anything if it breaks the website or if the website is hacked. And, you should know how to restore backups if, indeed, the updates should cause any issues. Fun times, let me assure you. It's of course possible to keep a Wordpress site healthy, but unless you're a WP developer, the constant need for software and plugin updates are time-consuming and daunting at best. Worst of all, all of this extra time isn't even spent on keeping your website content updated – the updates are just to keep the site running smoothly and from getting hacked. If you don't update the content on your actual website, your website becomes stale and doesn't perform as well in the rankings of Google and other search engines. I find that many business-owner's Wordpress websites tend to get stagnant because clients simply can't figure out how to edit them easily or comfortably. Many of my clients with Wordpress feel like their website is a captive held hostage.

Wix has a whole series of these new ads about Wordpress gripes:

Moving Websites from Wordpress to Wix

I have moved hundreds of unhappy business owners who had websites on Wordpress to Wix — and they are ecstatic when I show them the new Wix editor. After struggling with Wordpress for so long, the Wix editor is like a breath of fresh air for small business owners. Wix is perfect for restaurants, artists, law firms, tree care companies, garden centers, seed companies, bloggers, podcasts, gardening magazines, schools, colleges, non-profits, composting companies, doctor offices, and so many more types of businesses and organizations. No software or plugin updates are needed on Wix, so businesses can focus their website time updating their website with current events, info, products, classes, menus, etc.

“I can't believe it's so easy and fast to edit my site now!”