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Wix is to Powerpoint as Wordpress is to Word

Wix is to Powerpoint as Wordpress is to Word

“Wix is to Powerpoint as Wordpress is to Word” This is what one of my clients said as we were discussing her Wix website design. She had built an initial design concept for her website in Powerpoint, and then tried building the design into Wordpress and Squarespace... with no luck! After much frustration, she Googled "easy to use website creator" and discovered Wix. Right away, she said she felt more at ease in designing her site. I agreed, it was about 8 years ago when I first tried Wix, I was originally going to build a client website on Wordpress that I had first designed in Photoshop, but then my husband mentioned that a friend from his band days had used Wix to build his band's website and he liked it, and he suggested I check it out. I did, and I built my client's homepage website in Wix in a matter of HOURS instead of the normal DAYS it took to develop the same custom web design into Wordpress or Squarespace. I felt like I was cheating it was so easy! But from there I started building many of my client websites on the Wix platform, offering training to them so they could edit their own websites easily.

While Wix may not be 100% perfect, and it isn't the end-all solution for every client's needs... I'll tell ya, I love designing in Wix! I've designed tons of Wordpress / Squarespace / Shopify / Drupal / Joomla / you name it websites over the years (and maintained them) and I'm not a fan – with WP specifically there are way too many updates / plugin problems / security & hacking issues / difficulty in making simple design changes, etc. It costs a lot more for me to design (or update) a WP site than a Wix site, so with Wix I can design more affordable websites for more clients, especially small businesses whom I love to work with. Plus, the sites don't have to be babysat after they're done. That's a win-win for me. I absolutely LOVE Wix's WYSIWYG editor, it is hands down the best in the biz. Plus, the Wix wizards are always making it better, so I look forward to it growing to be even more amazing over time.

Wix changed the game of website design! I now happily design and develop Wix websites for most of my clients, and they love my training on how to edit their sites going forward. Wix is a win-win, I love designing in it, and my clients love how easy it is to keep their websites updated with fresh photos, pages, content, and blog posts. I also offer Wix SEO Consultations so that websites can be found on Google and other search engines.

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