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Is Wix safe from hackers?

Yes, Wix is a safe platform that discourages hackers. Unlike open-source platforms such as Wordpress, Wix websites are not well-known for being hacked. In fact, of all of the hundreds of Wix websites we've built over the years, we have not had one of our client websites ever get hacked. This isn't to say a Wix website could never be hacked, anything is possible. But is it likely? No.

Is Wix safe from hackers? The short answer: Yes.
Is Wix safe from hackers? The short answer: Yes.

Wix hosting provides a multiple layer security architecture to help protect Wix websites from hackers. Wix is very different from open-source website software such as Wordpress which is often used for websites and blogs – Wordpress websites are open source which is easily hacked, therefore they are hacked into often, especially when website owners let their Wordpress software or plugins get outdated. With Wix, you don't ever have to worry about having unsecure, outdated website software or plugins, Wix hosting plans provide secure support that maintains the software behind the platform so you can focus all your time on just keeping your website's content updated and add new blog posts, photos, pages and other information regularly to keep it fresh – no more having to mess around with backups, updating, plugins, etc.

So happy Wixing! With a Wix website, you don't have to worry about your website getting hacked into, you can rest easy with Wix's excellent security force that is included with every Wix website hosting plan.

Is Wix safe from hackers? It is a very safe platform
Is Wix safe from hackers? It is a very safe platform

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