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Is Wix a Professional Platform?

Is Wix a professional platform? I've had some clients come to me and ask if Wix was a professional platform, as they've been told by other website designers, SEO/Marketing companies, or Advertising Agencies that Wix is not professional platform. This is simply not true. Professional businesses around the world use Wix for their websites, including large corporations, non-profit organizations, as well as small businesses and musicians and artists.

Is Wix a Professional Platform? Is Wix Legit? Yes! Check out the Best Wix Websites - College

Is Wix a Professional Platform? Magazines use Wix!

Is Wix a Professional Platform - for Architect

Wix is a great platform for building beautiful websites, therefore professionals of all fields like having Wix websites including this architect. The reason that this is one of the best Wix Websites is that it looks great on all devices, including mobile, too.

Is Wix a Professional Platform - Best Wix Website for Architect

The mobile wix website is just as important as the desktop version – Wix makes it easy to optimize mobile layouts perfectly so the user experience is top-notch:

Professional software companies use Wix as well;

Is Wix a Professional Platform: Software Company Website

In fact, Wix is one of the best professional website platforms you can use for your business! A few reasons that makes Wix a great platform for your professional website include:

  • Wix is Good at SEO: Wix is very good at SEO (search engine optimization), even Google says that Wix websites perform well in search engines. If optimized correctly, Wix websites do very well in search engine rankings.

  • Wix Websites are Easy to Edit: Easy to edit websites means that they will actually be used and kept updated instead of getting stale. Wix makes editing your website easy, you just click on the area on the page to edit and make edits! No backends, no switching back and forth from the editor to the live website to see how it looks - Wix is the easiest what-you-see-is-what-you-get WYSIWYG website builder and platform.

  • Wix Websites don’t get Hacked: Unlike Wordpress and other open-source platforms, Wix websites don't get routinely hacked. As a Wordpress designer, I've seen way more hacked Wordpress websites than I ever wanted to. Many times, clients come to me with hacked/broken Wordpress websites in hopes I can fix it, but typically we will recommend rebuilding the Wordpress site from scratch to clean all the files from any hacked code. More often, it's a better option to move to Wix, so they don't have to worry about their website getting re-hacked after being repaired. Wix is a hosted, secure website platform – and so far we have not had any clients have their Wix websites compromised in anyway in over 8 years, since we started working in Wix (knock on wood, doesn't mean it can't happen!) The wix hosting team takes care of the security and updates so you can focus on just keeping your website up-to-date with news, new products and other valuable information for your audience.

  • Wix Websites don't need software/security updates: That's right, Wix handles all the software and security updates so you can relax and not worry about your website being insecure (such as due to a security patch update needed, a common ailment of Wordpress websites.)

  • Wix Websites can be Professional and Beautiful, too! Check out some of the best Wix websites below to see how professional a Wix website can look and function. Wix can handle ecommerce, blogs, forums, social media feeds/engagement, and so much more.

Is Wix a Professional Platform? Non-profits love Wix!

Is Wix a Professional Platform? Wix website work well on all devices!

Is Wix a Professional Platform? Wix is perfect for Business to Business Websites!

Is Wix a Professional Platform? Garden Stores love using Wix!

Is Wix a Professional Platform? Restaurants love to use Wix for it's ease of editing!

Is Wix Legit?

Is it unprofessional to use Wix? Nope! Wix is one of the best platforms out there for ease of use, security, SEO, and functionality. While some DYI Wix websites can look unprofessional, that just means that they need a professional design touch! While you may be great at your business such as running a garden center, you may not be that great at website design. And that's ok, because Wix is a great platform that can be designed and launched by a professional Wix Designer, and then you can be trained on how to make ongoing edits easily yourself, no website design expertise required.

We always tell businesses and entrepreneurs to spend more time building value for their business instead of getting bogged down and distracted on technology. Wix let's you spend less time upgrading & troubleshooting your website, and more time creating good content for your website to shine online!

Check out some of the Wix Pros and Cons to see if Wix is the right fit for you, you can also reach out for a free estimate – we will recommend if Wix is the right platform for you. For most of our clients, Wix is the perfect platform, but sometimes clients have super custom or complex needs that are better suited on other platforms such as Shopify or Wordpress – we will evaluate your needs and let you know what the best platform is for your needs. Check out some of the best-looking Wix websites below to see how good they can look:

Is Wix a Professional Platform? Check out the Best Wix Websites »

Check out more of the Best Wix Websites »

Looking for a Wix Website Designer? Reach out for a free estimate »


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