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Best Wix Website Examples

Here are some of our top Wix Website Examples of websites we've designed recently. Looking for an Expert Wix Designer? Contact us for a free estimate »

Wix Websites Examples: Gardening Website Design

Above is a new Wix Website Example for a Gardening Magazine, Colorado Gardener. Their website includes lots of great articles about gardening, plus a calendar, garden resources, ad placements, and a Q&A section. Below are some Wix Websites Examples for video game developers, environmental consultants, staffing companies, and more.

Wix Website Examples: Video Game Company Website
Wix Website Examples: Environmental Consultant Website

We design custom websites for each and every client. We don't use templates – though we have customized templates if the client has one that they really like. Usually, however, we completely customize the template to work better for their needs.

While we are also available for updates, we also train our clients so they can edit their own websites going forward. We also offer SEO Website Optimization and Consulting to help your website get found online, which is ever more important in this age of the internet!

Wix Website Examples: Dentist Websites

Wix websites can accomplish any design desired, we can include slideshows, parallax scrolling effects, videos, podcasts, blogs, galleries, and so much more on any page on your website. This allows for rich, fun websites that are pleasing to the eye and are also easy to use and find.

Wix Website Examples: Doctor Office Website Design

Below is a Wix Website Example for a non-profit that helps people find work:

Wix Website Examples: Career Website Design

Wix Website Examples: Social Media Company

We design websites for lots of small businesses, including Solar Companies, Compost Companies, Seed Companies, Doctor offices, restaurants, lawyers, and other small businesses. Contact us today for a free estimate »

Wix Websites Examples: Solar Company Website
Website Design Template for Restaurant

Wix Website Examples: Travel Agency Web Design

Wix Website Examples:  Compost Company Web Design

Below is a ecommerce Wix Website Example for an organically-grown maple syrup company in Vermont:

Wix Website Examples: Farm Website Design

Wix Website Examples: Website Design for Manufacturing Company Boulder Creek Technologies

Wix Website Examples: Website Design for Solar Company

View more of our Wix Website Examples »

We love designing custom Wix Websites for all of our clients. While we do work on various platforms, we find that the easy-to-use Wix Website Design platform is a client favorite. You don't have to worry about templates with Wix, as the WYSIWYG editor allows you to custom design each and every page on your site. No template or coding limitations! View more of our Best Wix Websites » Looking for an easy-to-work-with Website Designer to design a custom Wix Website for your business? Or do you need any Graphic Design and Logo Design? Contact us today for a free estimate »


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