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Wix added more 301 Redirects!

Wix Designer - 301 Redirects

Wix used to have just fifty 301 redirects, but the Wix wizards recently increased the limit for 301 redirects to 200! What are 301 redirects? They are simply a redirect that tells search engines and browsers to redirect page URLs to their new page URLs (if the page URLs have changed on the new website). These are most often used when launching a new website in place of an older website – whenever I design new websites for my clients, as a Wix Designer, I always setup 301 redirects for all of the webpages to point to the new coordinating webpages so that Google, other search engines, any users who have bookmarked the page, and any third-party website or social media links will still work upon the website launch.

Adding 301 redirects is very important to retaining your ranking in search engines, as Google and other search engines index your pages and if you don't tell them where the new page URL is (if it has changed on the new websit