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Setting up 301 Redirects in Wix

Updated February 2018

As a Professional Wix Website Designer, one of the great features of the Wix platform is the 301 Redirect Manager.

This tool is found under:
Site Manager > SEO >  Scroll down to find "Manage 301 Redirects"

See video and screenshot below to see where this can be found.

For those who have existing websites on other platforms (such as Wordpress), these 301 Redirects are very important if converting over to a new Wix website design from an older website and you cannot keep all the same URLs. One such example is sub-directories, Wix doesn't handle URLs with subdirectories currently ( So if you have a site with a lot of subpages and URLs, you can setup 301 redirects to go to the new WIx url (

301 Redirects tell Google and other search engines how to find the new coordinating pages on the new Wix website and retain the functionality of any bookmarked or linked URLs. So, if your old website had a Contact page, like, you can set it up to point to the coordinating Contact page on the new Wix website by setting up a 301 Redirect. This will allow Google and other search engines to quickly re-index your website pages and help carry over any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to the new Wix website. 

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