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Wix Hoverbox (Rollover)

New Feature Release: November 9, 2017 –  Beta released July 2016

As a professional Wix Designer, I am a beta tester of some of their new features including the Hoverbox! Well, get excited becuase Wix just released this amazing tool to all of the Wix editors. This means that you can now add interactive rollover images, video and sound to your website!  This is a great new rollover feature that allows you to add images and text to rollover "buttons" using animated gifs, video, images and text to create a fun visual rollover effect.

See how it works on my latest blog post about the amazing new Wix Rollover Image Tool »

See some of the examples of Wix rollovers below – the variations of what you can create with the hoverbox is endless! Sky's the limit! 

Wix Designer Rollovers with Style
Or change
the image
text upon
You can animate
things to zoom
in upon rollover
or add an effect
to an image
Wix Designer Rollovers with Style
Buzz - Bee
00:00 / 00:00

Rollover to listen

Animated Buttons
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