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Wix Designer Tip: Page Transitions

July 30, 2018


If you don't like how your Wix website's effect (swipe, fade) when it changes pages, you can easily change the Page Transitions in your page editor.


You can change your page transitions, which is located on the lefthand menu under:
Site Menu (first list icon on right) > Page Transitions


You can choose Cross Fade or None if you don’t want any transition. It’s also good to color your background to the color desired in case the page takes a second to load. When a page loads, it loads the background color first, and there may be a second where the rest of the page content loads. Unfortunately, we can’t control that loading time. You can simplify your page content so it loads quicker, but you may still experience the momentary background color as the page loads. This is common across lots of website platforms. 


I like Cross Fade best. To be honest, the page "Horizontal" or "Vertical" slides make my eyes hurt. But that may be because I'm a full-time Wix Website Designer, and I'm on the computer too much! ;)





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