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Wix vs Wordpress for Blog SEO

Wix vs Wordpress for Blog SEO

Question from client:

I'm planning to start a blog on my wix website ( to help improve the SEO ranking and attract people via google searches etc. I have watched several youtube videos on SEO optimization for I believe wordpress blogs and it seems pretty indepth etc... I just watched your WIX blog SEO video and it looks pretty minimal in comparison.. so Im wondering if the SEO for blogging on on my wix website will have as good results than if I was using wordpress or other platform... any advice would be great... thanks. SEO Hero Answer: I have had equal success with both Wix blog posts and Wordpress posts doing well on Google for searches – IF optimized correctly with a lot of original content. Wix can easily out-perform Wordpress posts as well if you optimize them correctly (good SEO blog titles including the Meta Title and Meta Description, good keyword alt text on images, and good, lengthy, in-depth content). It's not about the platform so much, it’s not about the platform, it’s how much good content you provide, and if you optimize your blog posts with good titles with well-searched keywords and provide in-depth unique content for the topic. It's also good to include lots of original images that are optimized for the same keyword phrase you are shooting for (images and graphics both do well). Basically, answer searchers questions in an original, in-depth blog post, and your blog post can do well in searches. The next step after posting is to use social media and the online world to post links to your blog post so people can find it, bookmark it, share it, and get it into the Google and Bing/Yahoo universe. The more links and references you have to any blog post in the online world, the better it will do for the search terms it is optimized for.

Also, don't spam your posts with keywords, use them naturally a couple times. If you have multiple images, you can name them with the same keyword phrase, but give it a little variance so they are not all the same. Don't "stuff" keywords by putting a long string of keywords as alt image text or in the blog post. Write naturally for the reader, make your blog post article very useful so that people will want to share it and bookmark it. Google wants to show the user the most relevant, in-depth, and popular content – so if you make a great post with unique photos, detailed explanations, infographics, top-10 lists, etc, you can use social media to promote it to make it go viral.

No matter what platform you use, just write! And write often! Answer customer questions, research what people are searching for on Google (use their Google AdWords Keyword Tool or use other good keyword tools, find more on my SEO Hero Resources page on my sister website).


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