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Wix Search

Wix Search - Wix Designer's favorite search app

As a Wix Designer, I recommend that clients put search bars on their websites to help their users find pages or content more quickly. This is especially true for ecommerce stores, or blogs or information heavy websites. Unfortunately, Wix doesn't yet have a Search feature built in their native editor (Wix is promising they're working on it!) but in the meantime, a search can be added to your Wix site with the use of a third-party search app.

The most widely used Wix Search by Wix Designers is the "Site Search" app by InstantSearch+, this app is easily installed into your Wix website, and works quite well in my opinion. There is a free version with up to 30 searches a month included. The $4.99/month paid version has unlimited searches, and incorporates ecommerce results if you have a store, which I think is vital for any online store using the Wix Stores platform. Why Wix Stores doesn't have search built in is beyond me, but I do believe for best user experience and sales, having a search is crucial to help people find exactly what they're looking for.

Note: Most Wix Designers also prefer Ecwid's Wix E-commerce Shopping Cart over Wix Stores, as it has a little more functionality and also has a search function built-in. So if you don't yet have ecommerce and want to add it, I recommend exploring that first. Need help with a Wix online store? Contact me today »