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Wix Photo Editor

Does Wix have an Photo Editor?

Yes, Wix has a great Photo Editor that's easy and fast to use and learn.

As an expert Wix Designer, one of my favorite tools in Wix is their simple Photo Studio editor. You can flip, rotate and crop images, clip or cut them out so they have transparent backgrounds, adjust the saturation, contrast, or even run filters on them – all inside of Wix Editor, no need for Photoshop. Amazing.

How do I edit pictures on Wix?

Here's a video to show you how to make edits easily in the Wix Studio image editor:

Here is what Wix's photo editor (called Photo Studio) looks like:

Here are some instructions for quick reference:

Directions to access Wix's Photo Editor Tool, called Photo Studio:

  1. Click on any Image,then click on the Crop icon tool above the image, or OR Click on a Gallery and click on Manage Media, select an image, then click on the round blue slider tool icon "Edit Image" above the image details OR Click on the Add Elements + Tool near the top left, and choose Image > View all under Site Images or Upload Images – this will show you the Media Library.

  2. Once in the Media Library, select any uploaded image, then click on the Crop icon tool above the image to access the Wix Photo Studio editor tool.

Getting to the Wix Photo Editor from a Gallery:

Once in the Photo Studio, then you can crop, cut out, adjust the image to your heart's desire. The great thing is that Wix will NOT save over the original image, so when you click on Save when done editing your photo in the Wix Photo Studio, it saves a new file (with _Edited appended to the filename). This way, you can edit your original image as many times as desired but still keep the same original image to use as well.

Happy Wixing!


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