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Wix Mobile Menu getting cut off?

Wix Mobile Menu Cutting Off

The mobile menu on one of my client websites I was designing in Wix was cutting off about halfway down the screen on my Android phone – so it was hard for users to tell there are more menu items... which had to be scrolled to in order to see. See the screenshot on the right to see what I mean by this.

I couldn't figure out how to adjust it – but Wix pro support helped me out – I had the wrong mobile menu layout selected.

See the screenshot below on the different types of mobile menu layouts you can select in Wix. I also have a video lower below that walks you through how to access this Mobile Menu Design panel in the Wix editor.

Here's a quick video tutorial on where to find this setting:

Here are instructions from Wix on how to customize the design of your mobile menu:

  1. Click on the mobile menu in the mobile Editor.

  2. Click the Design icon  (paintbrush icon)

  3. Click Customize Design.

  4. Click a preset design. When you click a preset, see what it looks like in your mobile Editor.

  5. Click the Open tab and customize the options for the menu when it is open: Fill Color & Opacity: Select the color of the X icon, button and menu background. Note: Make sure that the button is not the same color as the menu background as it will be invisible. Borders: Customize the color and width of the menu border. Text: Customize the menu text color, font and formatting. Spacing: Customize the separator line between the menu tabs.

  6. Click the Closed tab and customize the options for the menu icon when it is closed: Fill Color & Opacity: Select the color of the menu icon and icon background. Borders: Customize the color and width of the menu icon border. Corners: Customize the corners of your menu icon. Spacing: Customize the line length and width of your menu icon.

Note: Some of the options are not available on all of the preset designs.


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