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Wix / Ecwid Pricing - What minimum Wix plan is needed to run an Ecwid store?

What minimum Wix plan is needed to run an Ecwid store? Is a Wix Business plan needed if I'm using Ecwid on Wix for ecommerce/payments?

Wix / Ecwid Pricing

Ecwid is a great Shopping Platform that integrates nicely with Wix.

Ecwid has a lot more customizable features, so it's much more robust than Wix Stores (for now, Wix is always improving their ecommerce platform!) Sometimes I put my clients on Wix Stores if they have basic ecommerce needs, or I use Ecwid for more customized needs (custom options/checkout needs/more custom shipping/pickup options, etc.)

Wix Ecommerce Pricing

As a Wix Website Designer, one question I get from my clients often is what is their monthly overhead costs if they were to have an ecommerce Wix website.

One thing that is good to know is that IF you use Ecwid instead of Wix Stores for your online store/payments, you don't need a Wix Business hosting plan (which also accept payments), and you can instead use a regular Wix Combo or Unlimited hosting plan. which are considerably less than Wix's Business hosting plans. This is good to know to keep costs as low as possible for what is needed. Of course, Ecwid also charges their own monthly fee on top of your Wix plan costs, see examples below. Note that there are no transaction fees for Ecwid, but you will incur transaction fees by the payment processor of your choosing (typically Square, Paypal and other payment processors charge around 2.9 % + $0.30 per transaction).

Here is an example of a Wix Ecommerce Site monthly costs when using Ecwid:

$14/month - Combo Wix Website Hosting plan is sufficient for most needs + $7.99/month for an Ecwid Store Starter Plan for Wix (up to 50 products), ~ or ~ + $19.30/month for Ecwid's Professional plan: This upgraded plan includes automatic tax calculation, and up to 2500 products.

+ Order Payment Fees: Payment processing typically costs 2.9 % + $0.30 per transaction

The reason to pair Ecwid with Wix for an ecommerce store is simple: Wix has an amazing WYSIWYG drag-and-drop editor for full control over your webpages' designs, and combining it with Ecwid's customizable shopping cart is a great match. Shopify is another platform that is very robust and customizable for ecommerce, but it cannot (yet) be integrated with Wix, so Ecwid is a great solution if you have ecommerce needs beyond what Wix Stores can currently do. Here are some screenshots below to show Ecwid Options with Wix:

Ecwid Pricing & Features when added to Wix as the Shopping Cart:

Wix / Ecwid Pricing - Ecwid Pricing
Wix / Ecwid Pricing - Ecwid Pricing

Here are some Ecwid shipping options to show the custom options they have:

Ecwid Shipping Options on Wix
Ecwid Shipping Options on Wix

In Ecwid, you can also add custom fields, date pickers and text fields to each product's page to further customize the checkout process:

Example of Ecwid's custom Product Page Options on Wix
Example of Ecwid's custom Product Page Options on Wix


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