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What is the downside of Wix?

Wondering what is the downside of Wix?

What is the downside of Wix?

Wix is an amazing platform, but there are a few limitations:

  1. Like all other platforms, there isn't a simple super quick way to move your Wix website to another platform. But this isn't any different than if you were to move a Wordpress, Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly or other website platforms to another platform – there is never an automatic way to change platforms without some manual work. That said, you CAN move a website off of Wix, you just have to rebuild much of the content into the new platform, but this is the same if you were to switch from Wordpress or other platforms – there is no magic button that allows for a seamless instant migration. However, typically, when you change website platforms, you are doing it for many reasons, and redesigning the website on the new platform is part of the process anyway. You are by no means stuck on Wix, you would just need to redesign the content into the new platform desired if needed. So don't worry, your Wix website doesn't have to remain on Wix. That said, if the Wix website platform is working for your needs, why change?

  2. Wix isn't the best fit if you have super complex ecommerce, custom functionality or member area needs. That doesn't mean Wix isn't good for ecommerce or member-based websites, it does have a lot of online store and membership features that work great for most needs. But, depending on your needs we may recommend using a different platform such as Shopify for complex ecommerce, or Wordpress for a complex member websites. Wix does have a ecommerce platform, and also integrates nicely with the more sophisticated Ecwid ecommerce platform for more complex needs, but sometimes you may need a different platform to integrate with POS systems or other complex shipping needs. Reach out to us for a free estimate and consultation to see if Wix will work for your needs or if another platform may be better.

What is the downside of Wix? One upside is the Wix mobile editor!

What are the upsides to Wix?

One of the benefits of Wix is that you have full control over your design of your Wix website. You don't have to involve a programmer every time you want to change your design template or to design a custom page. Wix allows each and every page to be custom designed to your needs, and it's very easy to use – in fact, it's one of the easiest website platforms to design in due to it's simple WYSIWG (what you see is what you get) editor. You can also easily design your website for mobile so you aren't confined to how the template responds to the screensize. You actually have the ability to enlarge, reorder, and change the mobile view entirely based on your needs to make the mobile experience the best that it can be. Since mobile users are now a majority, it is very important that you have full control over your mobile website experience so that you can make sure to get your users to the information they need quickly. Other platforms such as Wordpress do not allow for this easy custom mobile optimization, making Wix stand out.

Wix is also great for SEO, it performs extremely well in search engines if optimized correctly. You can also integrate video, slideshows, ecommerce, blogs, forums, donation forms, custom forms, and so much more easily in Wix.

Wix is also very affordable, the monthly fees are similar to many other platforms but you also get Wix's million-dollar editor that makes it easy for you to edit your website so it never gets stale. My clients aren't afraid to add to or edit their websites! You can also redesign Wix websites easily at any point – you're not stuck with the design you start with!

Wix has a Site History option: Clients often worry about "breaking" or "messing up" their websites. But with Wix, they don't have to worry as there is a Site History that allows us to view past saved or published versions of the website, and then restore a specific saved version if desired. So, if you accidentally delete a page or an entire section or you mess up the header layout, for example, it's easy to restore the Wix website to a previously saved version. Whew! That gives my clients a lot of peace of mind when editing their Wix websites.

Wix also has a great built-in analytics features so you can see what pages are performing best. You can also easily integrate Google Analytics and Bing so that you can utilize those tools.

Wix does have very good phone support, you can schedule a call back from their excellent support team to help troubleshoot any questions you have with your website.

Wix is also great for smaller budgets. Unike Wordpress and other platforms that require a lot of coding to custom design, Wix's WYSIWG editor allows for designing with ease – so you can custom design each and every page to look just as you want it. You're not stuck to a rigid template!

In conclusion, for 95% of my clients, there is no downside to Wix. It works for most needs! We've designed Wix websites for large companies, universities, authors, artists, service businesses, roofers, non-profits, and so many more. Our clients love their Wix websites as they are so easy to edit and update with the training that we include with every website design. That said, we can talk to you about your website requirements and help you decide if Wix is the best platform for you. We do work in other platforms, so if Wix isn't right for your needs, we'll let you know and recommend the best platform that will help your business succeed.

Want to find out if Wix is the right fit for your website needs? Reach out for a free Wix website estimate and consultation »

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