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Vegetable Garden Illustration

Vegetable Garden Illustration - by Illustrator Idelle Fisher

If you're looking for a Vegetable Garden Illustration, I love illustrating all things gardens! Here are a couple of my recent illustrations of vegetable gardens, one with a lady gardener digging with worms, mulch, lettuce and onions, and a cruising bee. The illustration below of a vegetable garden includes a glass greenhouse. View more of my Illustration Portfolio »

Garden Illustration of Compost Bin

Garden Illustration of Planting Vegetables

Garden Illustration of Pollinator Habitat Sign

Looking for an Illustrator for your next gardening book? In addition to being a full-time graphic designer and website designer, I also love to illustrate for Children's books, and any other books or publications like gardening magazines that are looking for hand-drawn illustrations. Please contact me online or call me at 720.260.3541 to discuss your illustration needs.

Illustrations by Idelle Fisher. ©2018 All rights reserved. Please contact me if you'd like to purchase any illustrations for use in books, publications, websites or magazines.

Garden Illustrator - Picking Carrots by Idelle Fisher
Garden Illustrator - Bumblebee by Idelle Fisher
Garden Illustrator - Harvesting Radishes by Idelle Fisher