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Turn Photo into Illustration

As a Website Designer and Graphic Designer, I am always discovering cool new tools that make designing life fun! Here is a great tool I just discovered that can turn your photo into an illustration! This is a great online tool that quickly converts a photograph into an art illustration. No software purchase required, and it's completely free to check it out and test out as many of your own photos and play around with the illustration styles desired, but to download the file you'll have to register to signup for a free trial. They have a 7 day free trial so you can use all the features for free to test it out, then after that it normally costs $9.99/month for month-to-month or $4.99/month for the year. It's nice that they have a free trial, and the cost is not bad to create a lot of "original" art illustrations from photographs if it's something you plan to use often (beyond the free trial, you can also just pay for a month and cancel when done using it.)

The great photo to painting converting tool is from Be Funky and can be found here:

Here are some photo to illustration examples that I created using Be Funky with one of my client's photos from her garden blog

Turn Photo into Illustration - Original Photo

The image above is the original photo from, and below are several different photo-to-art filters from Be Funky:

Turn Photo into Illustration - Be Funky Filter

Below is a great examples of how Be Funky can turn pictures into paintings easily. This is the best photo art app I've found lately, as it's so easy to use, and works very quickly. No learning curve!

Turn Photo into Illustration - Be Funky Filter

Some of the photo to illustration filters look very much like stained glass.

Turn Photo into Illustration - Be Funky Filter that looks like stained glass

This Mosaic photo to illustration filter above is neat, it looks like stained glass!

Turn Photo into Illustration - Be Funky Filter that looks like art

The above image has a very graphic quality, and looks almost like it converted the photo into an oil painting.

Turn Photo into Illustration - Be Funky Filter - another stained glass Mosaic version

If you want to turn a picture into a painting, the Be Funky app is a great tool. Below is an example of an Inkify filter creating a black and white "drawing" out of the photo.

Turn Photo into Illustration - Be Funky Filter - Inkify

Turn Photo into Illustration - Be Funky Filter - faded back

In this "illustration" above I scaled back the photo-to-art filter so more details showed through.

Turn Photo into Illustration - Be Funky Filter with pastels

Turn Photo into Illustration - Be Funky Filter - Pastel

I think I like this one best, it is using the Pastel DLX 1 filter, I love how it brings out the colors!

Here's a fun one of a photo of Carolina Reaper hot peppers, using the Underpainting DLX Digital Art filter. This shows the watermark that shows up when testing out the free version when not logged in.


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