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Best Wix Design

As expert Wix Designers, we find that the best Wix designs incorporate good user interface design, SEO (search engine optimization), and always have an outstanding look and feel that looks good across all platforms. View some of our Best Wix Websites »

Here are some of the Best Wix Designs we've worked on recently:

Best Wix Design for a Garden Center
Best Wix Design for a Hotel

Best Wix Design for a Construction-Defect Repair Company
Best Wix Design for a Gardening Blog
Best Wix Design for a Garden Magazine
Best Wix Design for a Travel Agency
Best Wix Design - for Restaurant Blake Street Tavern
Best Wix Designs for a Restaurant: Stoney's

Best Wix Design for a Manufacturer

Wix is truly an amazing platform, their classic Wix Editor is easy to use so it makes editing a website a breeze compared to other platforms. Wix's classic Editor is a WYSIWYG drag-and-drop editor (what you see is what you get) that allows people to add and move elements around the page to the exact location they want – there are no rigid "grids" or "templates" to have to work within – you can literally overlap a logo over a photograph with no design restraints. You can incorporate videos, galleries, social media and so much more very easily on Wix websites. Wix is also amazingly good at SEO – if you build your pages correctly and optimize your content, Wix websites can soar to the top of search engines so they can be easily found for the terms people are searching for.

We offer the best Wix Design and Wix SEO for our clients, as well as Wix Training so that our customers can edit their own websites going forward to keep them up-to-date and performing well in search engines. Reach out to us for a free Wix Design estimate »

If you're interested in viewing more of the best Wix designs, check out some of our Best Wix Websites »


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