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Round Sticker Printer - Small Sizes

Looking for tiny .5" stickers?

Round Sticker Printer - half an inch small size

As a sticker designer, I was struggling to find a printer that would print extra small round stickers at half an inch of size. Stickermule, Sticker Giant, and many other printers don't print that small. So if you're looking for a printer who specializes in small round stickers that are just half an inch in size, is your place to order! They do stickers as small as .5 inches so you can print tiny stickers for your next project. The only thing is, make sure your design works well at a tiny size, as half an inch IS tiny! I designed these 15th year anniversary stickers for one of my favorite clients,, to put on their seed packet designs to cover up an old badge. I kept the design very simple as it needs to be legible at that small sticker size. As a Graphic Designer, I love to share resources that fill my hard-to-find needs such as printers and other design tools. My client actually discovered Websticker, I had not heard of them before!

Find their small round sticker prices at:

Round Sticker Printer who prints .5" sized round stickers -

Here are some of their round sticker sizes to give you an idea of the range of sizes, they offer every size from .5" tiny round stickers up to 4.5" round stickers.

Round Sticker Printer - range of sizes that prints

Happy designing! Need a Sticker Designer? Many sticker printers require vector artwork, we can design a custom sticker for your project and provide vector files to order stickers from the printer. Reach out for a free estimate.


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