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Seed Packet Designer

Seed Display Designer & Seed Packet Designer - Graphic Designer in Denver, Colorado

I was excited to see one of my favorite clients, Sandia Seed, has one of their seed displays I designed at my local Denver garden shop, City Floral. Sandia Seed has the BEST Hatch chile seeds and hot pepper seeds you can find. :)

I also designed their new seed packets & website:

Below are a couple of the seed packet designs:

Seed Packet Design - Graphic Designer in Denver, Colorado

Hot Pepper Seed Packet Design - Graphic Designer in Denver, Colorado
Seed Packet Design - Hand drawn concept

Wedding Seed Packet Design: Above is a hand drawn concept for a wedding client who wanted to have wedding seed packets designed for handing out to their guests. This is just a design concept. I also love to grow all of Sandia Seed's pepper seeds, here are some of my pepper seedlings growing in my Aerogarden seed starter tray (just floats in water) – this works great to start my peppers indoors before planting outside in the spring once it warms up.

Seed Packet Graphic Design & Dielines:

Below is an example of a seed packet design dieline – we can properly setup seed packets to fit any dieline to make sure your colors look good, the information is clear, and none of the artwork is getting cut off or folded improperly.

Seed Packet Graphic Designer - Dieline design

Here's some of my harvest:


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