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Quicktime Screen Recording: How to Stop Recording

If you have a Mac, Quicktime is built in and is a great way to create screen recordings to do tutorials. I use this recording feature often to make Wix Tutorials for my clients. One thing I've noticed has been an issue for people is figuring out how to Stop the Quicktime Screen Recording when done. This is because the "Stop" button is not very obvious! Here's how to Stop the Quicktime Screen Recording, see step 4 below along with the third screenshot to unravel the mystery:

Screen Recording with QuickTime (for Macs)

  1. With QuickTime Player open, go to File > New Screen Recording.

  2. A Screen Recording prompt will appear. ...

  3. When you are ready, click the Record button. ...

  4. When you are ready to Stop the Screen recording, in the top menu bar, click on the Stop Icon. (circle with square, in the top upper right of screen to the left of the Date/time - see third screenshot below to see this, it's a bit hard to spot!)

How to make a Quicktime Screen Recording

Select Screen Area & Record: Select the part of the screen where you want to record, and then click on the "Record" in the small Quicktime panel:

Quicktime Screen Recording: How to Record

To Stop the Quicktime Screen Recording They recently changed where to "stop" the recording in Quicktime, instead of a button panel, now you will need to look for the "Stop" icon in your top file menu in the upper right. It will be to the left of your Time/Date and Wifi/other icons, and it looks like a circle with a square in it. Click on it and then Quicktime will popup the screen video you just took, save as desired.

Quicktime Screen Recording: How to Stop Recording the Screen Recording

I like to do a small test first, and talk and record a few seconds to make sure my microphone is working before doing full tutorial videos.