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New Wix Templates

Looking for new Wix templates? As Wix Designers, we offer custom Wix Designer Templates for each of our clients – so every Wix template we work on is fresh and new. We typically will discuss the client needs, any preferences on colors, imagery and fonts, then we will design a custom Wix Designer Template for their website. View more of our Best Wix Websites that we've custom designed, or below are a few new Wix templates that we custom designed for clients:

New Wix Templates: Doctor Template

The great thing about Wix websites are that they really aren't using a "template" per say – every page is easily editable and can be customized individually. So unlike other platforms where you have a homepage template and a subpage template, we can custom design each page to work for it's needs without any limitations of "templated" formats. This allows for Wix website templates to be very new and original, as we are not constrained by templates. We will work with you on what to include in your original new Wix website design. There is the main UX (user experience) structure that we will guide you on, including menu items, main messaging, social media links, and how and where to direct users from the homepage. We design every Wix website template including the subpages with ease-of-use in mind. We also optimize each site to work well in the mobile view as well.

New Wix Templates: Garden Blog Template

The above website was a fun one to work on, we enjoy working on garden related designs, and this site, is all about planting natives in our landscapes to help support wildlife, and also reduce the amount of work, water, fertilizer input in the process. Native plants thrive naturally without so much work, plus they support birds, butterflies, beneficial insects, native bees and other wildlife in our yards.

New Wix Templates: Garden Store

The new Wix Template above was designed for a garden nursery in Encinitas, California: – this was also a fun website to work on as they had so many beautiful images of their plants!

New Wix Templates: Food & Restaurant Business

The website above is for a Wholesale Food Distributor in Pennsylvania,, this also was a fun new Wix website template to design as we worked with appetite-inducing photos of some of the wholesale foods they offer. Each page template was custom designed, be sure to check out their About page for an interesting designed subpage template that features their long history with old photos.

View more of our custom Wix Designer Templates »

Contact us for a free estimate to design your business a custom new Wix Template. We also train all of our clients on how to edit their own websites so you can update your pages, images, news and more yourself.


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