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Wix Designer Tip – JotForm getting cut off in Wix?

Jotform Wix getting cut off

As a Wix Designer, I often use the amazing third-party form builder tool, JotForm, to build out complex forms. I like using JotForm for Wix as it allows me to custom build any form from scratch including easy add-ons like date pickers, file uploads, radio and checkbox choices, and even simple payments. Then, I simply embed the form on any Wix website (or any other platform such as Wordpress, for that matter). I have been experiencing issues, however, with the JotForm forms not loading fully when I used the "HTML Code" Wix embedding tool. The forms seemed to be randomly cutting off the bottoms of the forms, no matter how tall I made the HTML Code frame in the Wix editor.

Here's how you can display JotForms properly on Wix pages:

Use Wix's "Embed a Site" tool instead of the "HTML Code" tool!

To fix the JotForm from getting cut off on my Wix websites, I simply paste the JotForm form's URL using the Wix's "Embed a Site" tool instead of using the Wix "HTML Code" with the pasted Jotform iframe code. For some reason, the iframe code and Wix do not play nicely, so using the Wix's "Embed a Site" tool to paste the Jotform's website address instead of using iframe code will fix the issue. I will do this on all forms going forward and will fix any older forms using the iframe code instead.

Here's more info on how to do this below:

Jotform Wix

The above screenshot is from JotForm's forum on using JotForm forms on Wix websites.


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