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Image Transfer Labels / Stickers

A cool idea for putting logo designs or art on on various items like mugs or wood...

Image Transfers from From

The key feature of this custom UV transfer label product, which sets it apart from our other labels, is that only the image area remains visible after placing it on glass, plastic, wood, or ceramic, thanks to its flexible application. Each product comprises three material layers.The initial layer is the paper backing, followed by the transfer label material as the second layer. The third layer is the transfer tape, applied onto your UV transfer label design. This tape functions as the adhesive, keeping all the individual components of your label design intact after removing the paper backing. Unlike a thermal transfer label, no heat pressing or complex steps are required to apply them.

Our UV Transfer Labels boast a scratch-resistant, durable ink effect that is waterproof, lightfast (ensuring no fading or discoloration when exposed to light), and designed to endure once applied. The label material is also microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe. UV Transfer Labels are available in any quantity with a fast turnaround time, allowing for printing in multiple colors and virtually any shape - without the need for die-cutting!

Q: What Is Transfer Tape?

A: Transfer tape, also known as application tape, is a paper or plastic film that serves to keep all the individual components of an image transfer sticker in place, simplifying the application process. After affixing the sticker to your chosen surface, you can effortlessly remove the transfer tape to reveal your sticker.

Q: Do image transfer sticker transfer to anything and everything?

A: Yes, you can magically transfer your custom Image Transfer Stickers to a wide array of hard surfaces - ranging from glass, ceramic, and plastic, to metal, wood, concrete, leather, and so much more. This makes them perfect for adding your branding to things like company equipment, products and packaging, storefront windows and walls, and any other desired surface. Personalize your laptop, mug, and other mid-sized objects or even your car window with quality image transfer stickers from StickerYou.

Q: Are Image Transfers household dishwasher-safe?

Yes, they are! Except on glass. For better durability, apply Image Transfers to plastics or textured surfaces such as metal and ceramic. Make sure the product cools and dries completely after each dishwasher cycle, as it could shift when it is still hot. Keep in mind that Image Transfers, when applied on glass are not dishwasher-safe; they are still waterproof and safe for handwashing.


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