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Fun with AI

I just tried out a new AI generator that I discovered, and had some fun with it. These are the best ones yet I've seen from a website (and they were free to create, you can get a free account with 50 tokens to create 50 AI images using their "Text to Image" AI tool. Pretty wild, some of these are somewhat creepy and odd, but they are interesting to see what the computer generates based on your search!

"Creature eating peppers in the garden"

"Hot pepper creature in the garden" - wow this one is creepy.

"Green chile monster"

"Giant peppers towering over city"

"Pepper creature in the garden"

"Bumblebee with peppers"

"Giant green chile creature in New Mexico" - also quite creepy

"Bumblebee pollinatoring pepper blossoms" - I guess it doesn't know what a pepper blossom looks like so it made one up.

"Bird eating seeds from coneflower"

"Ant in the pepper garden"

"Bumblebee in vegetable garden"

"Breathing fire after eating hot pepper"

"Creature eating peppers in the greenhouse" - what is going on with this pepper he's "eating"?

"Creature eating chips and salsa" – um, where's the salsa?

"Chilehead eating hot peppers"

"Giant green chile creature" - love this tubby pepper creature!

"Dragon protecting peppers in the garden" - cool pepper guardian

"Dragon protecting vegetable garden"

"Greenhouse dragon"

"Greenhouse full of peppers"

"House made of peppers in a forest" - this would be a bizarre sight!

"Worm living under vegetable garden" - ewww this is disturbing. Here's another one:

"Earthworm living under vegetable garden" and one more...

"Earthworm house underground underneath a vegetable garden" - pretty weird, AI, pretty weird.

"Spicy Pickle creature in garden" - Another favorite! haha! Sorry, I couldn't help but search for lots of "creatures" in vegetable gardens... I couldn't get enough of these silly and slightly disturbing characters it created!

Here are a few more with humans and places instead of "creatures":

"Watercolor painting of a red headed woman vegetable gardener"

"Watercolor painting of a red headed woman vegetable gardener"

"Watercolor painting of a vegetable gardener"


"Farmer planting peppers" - looks like he's actually planting a whole pepper?

"Greenhouse and vegetable garden painted in watercolor" - this one is pretty neat.

"Lady planting peppers" - not sure what she's planting here... and what is going on with her fingers?


As a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Photographer, and Website Designer, I'm interested in how AI will help us create in the future. I've tried several AI tools such as AdobeStock's Generator, Shutterstock's AI image builder, and Wix's AI website builder. This AI tool outshines them all so far, if you're looking for fantasy look and feel. You can find this tool and try it out for yourself here:

Here's an example of Adobe Stock's "Generate" tool search for "garden creature eating peppers" – not as fantasy looking, these look a little more real like a photograph rather than art. But not as fun, I'd say! It will be interesting to see how AI changes the graphic design and website design field over time.

And here is a AdobeStock "Generate" tool with same search with "Vector look" applied. Not so great.

A few more from to finish off this post ....

"Mountain pepper farm"

"Giant pickle in Denver" – He's an angry pickle .... so I searched for a "Happy pickle":

"Giant happy pickle in Denver" - pretty goofy

"Pickle web designer" – very strange... I guess the "Web designer" part is the web looking strings in the jar? 😂

So here's the last one with a "creature":

"Creature guarding jar of pickles"

Happy AI training out there, folks!


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