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Eco Friendly Website Design

I love designing websites for eco friendly businesses and organizations! When I work on a website for a company in the green arena, I really enjoy it! I recently designed websites for some wonderful companies and organizations, here are a few of the Eco Friendly Website Design projects I've worked on:

Rocky Mountain Composting: A Colorado composting company serving Denver County, Arvada, Wheat Ridge, Lakewood, Golden, Westminster and Edgewater. Eric Kenna, the owner, is great to work with, he's a hard-working guy bringing curbside composting service to Colorado! His mission is to help people learn what they can compost, and divert all of that valuable compostable material away from the landfill and instead to the composting facility, which converts it into gardeners gold.

Eco Friendly Website Design

I met Environmental Consultant Shari Wilson of Great Bay Work at the Garden Bloggers Fling this spring. in addition to being an avid gardener, she is doing amazing conservation work, helping organizations to determine the best way forward with challenges and complex situations that affect quality of life within the Chesapeake Bay watershed. We designed her a beautiful new website:

Environmental Consultant Great Bay Work

Shari also has a wonderful Nuts For Natives blog about planting native plants in the Chesapeake Bay region, we're also helping her with SEO on this to help more people find it so they can learn what native plants would work perfectly in their landscapes. Planting native plants is important for providing food and habitat for native bees and birds, so I love her blog theme of "Plant this or that" with quick information about the native plants paired with beautiful photos! Check it out:

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