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Does Google prefer Wix or WordPress?

Google doesn't prefer one platform over another, it's all about good content! If you use Wix to build webpages that have great content that people are searching for, and you optimize the content correctly, it can perform just as well as Wordpress or any other platform. Wix websites can rank just as high as Wordpress websites in Google.

Does Google prefer Wix or WordPress?

Additionally, since Wix websites tend to be a lot easier to update with new content than Wordpress, they can be better for SEO because there is no barrier to updating websites. I can't tell you how many businesses with Wordpress websites fail to keep their website updated with new content because they're afraid to use it because they find the backend interface difficult to use. Wix has a very nice WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor that allows you to click right onto a text area or image and make edits to it and you can see what the changes look like on the page as you're editing – instead of having to edit it in the backend, then publish and view the frontend of the website to see what it looks like. This makes editing much more user-friendly, and, because of this, my clients are much more likely to keep their Wix websites updated over a Wordpress website. Consequently, that means that a Wix website may excel over a Wordpress website simply because it's being updated more often. Stale websites sink in Google search results! So make sure you have an easy-to-use website that you aren't afraid to update with new content, Google will reward you! That's not to say that Wordpress websites don't perform well, they can do equally well in Google and other search engines, but if you're afraid to use it because it's hard to figure out, that's not going to help with your internet presence. Read more about Wix and SEO »

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