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Best Wix Websites 2018

Updated August 2018: A fresh list of some of our Best Wix Websites we've designed: View all of the Best Wix Websites » – This website was designed for a San Diego Garden store, Anderson's La Costa Nursery. It's our favorite website, with lush, beautiful full screen photos and galleries.

Best Wix Websites 2018 - Garden Shop – This website designed for New York Times Bestselling Author Sandra Dallas features lots of in-depth pages about her 15+ books, including book excerpts, book club reading guides, links to purchase her books, and a blog newsletter.

Best Wix Websites 2018 - Author's Website – Below is another great example of a wix website designed for Colorado School of Mines. This prestigious college wanted a campaign website that would go in-depth on all of their fundraising stories and the goals met. They raised over $456 million and wanted to share the stories and people that made it happen. Make sure to click through to the subpages as there is a lot of beautiful content here.

Best Wix Websites 2018 - College Colorado School of Mines – A beautiful Wix website for a talented Denver Watercolor Artist and Instructor, Dennis Pendleton. The site features free & paid video tutorials, class info, a blog. We also built in SEO (search engine optimization) so that the performs well for keywords like "Denver Watercolor Classes"

Best Wix Websites 2018 - Artist's Website – This website was built for a Ikea Delivery & Assembly service in Brooklyn, New York City. We build the website with galleries and custom forms for quoting jobs. We also optimized this website for SEO, getting it to the first page of Google for "ikea brooklyn delivery".

Best Wix Websites 2018 - Handyman Website – This website below was designed for New Energy Colorado, who is promoting a better energy grid that allows for residential solar and other alternative energy sources to be tied into a centralized energy grid.

Best Wix Websites 2018 - Solar Energy Website