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Best Wix SEO

Best Wix SEO

What is the Best Wix SEO? Here are our top tips! If you're looking for the BEST Wix SEO for your website, here are our top tips to get your Wix website to the top of search engines. In addition to being Wix Web Designers, we are also Wix SEO experts, and specialize in optimizing Wix websites to be found online. Wix SEO (search engine optimization) is all about creating a website that has more information on any topic than any other website.

Wix SEO Tip #1: It's not really all that hard, the most important thing to know about Wix SEO is that it is all about answering questions and providing tons of in-depth information on topics related to what you want your Wix website to be found for. Write blog posts and create pages for every topic that you want to be found for. Refer to Tip #2 for how to figure out WHAT terms to optimize your site for.

Wix SEO Tip #2:

Figure out what people are actually searching for. Most clients have a specific phrase or term that they want to be found for, but realize when we do some research that users are searching much more often for a slightly different variation of the phrase or term. Using SEO Hero tools such as Google AdWords' Keyword Planner or Keywords Everywhere apps can help you create a long list of good SEO terms to optimize your website for. When it comes to Wix SEO, don't think about optimizing your website for just one keyword phrase, but rather, create tons of content about all the variations of the searches being done around a topic. Make your Wix website the go-to source for all things that you want to be found for.

Wix SEO Tip #3: Optimize your pages and blog posts. Make sure to add unique meta page Title tags and Description tags that describe what is on each page. Identify the best terms to optimize each page for, based on the information being provided on that specific page. It's important to have unique titles on every page – think of each page as a landing page for a specific search term. Also, be sure to add lots of unique images for Wix SEO – and add alt text to each image including the keywords that you are optimizing the page for. Make sure each image's alt text is unique as well, to tell users and Google/Bing and other search engines more about the image and what it represents.

Wix SEO Expert

How do we know that Wix SEO works? We participated in the last Wix SEO contest to get to the top of Google for the search term: SEO Hero. The Wix website we built for the contest did extremely well – soaring above lots of other websites built by SEO companies on more mainstream platforms such as Wordpress. We were excited to test Wix on an even playing field against all the other platforms and SEO companies – because everyone had to start with a brand new domain and website – so it truly was a fair race. We built a SEO Hero website that is packed with our Top SEO Hero Tips, as well as a SEO blog and lots of pages that talk all about how you can do your own Wix SEO. Our Wix-built website rose to the top of Google for the "SEO Hero" term, and has stayed in the top 1-6 rankings for the past couple years. Why did it do well? Because we built a ton of content about WIX SEO, providing great SEO Hero resources, tips, and in-depth information on how to get to the top of Google. While it didn't win the $50K prize, it was a close runner up, and even got a honorable mention from Wix themselves.

So, if you're worried that SEO companies, Advertising Agencies or Website Designers are telling you that Wix is no good for SEO – don't be. Wix does extremely well with SEO if you optimize your pages correctly and build valuable content that answers users' search queries.

Want help with Wix SEO? If you want help with Wix SEO, feel free to contact us for a free Wix SEO estimate! We offer Wix Website Design (as well as other platforms), Wix SEO, and Graphic Design.


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