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Adjusting image crop positioning in Wix

Ever wonder how to size your images for backgrounds or Strip Images in Wix?

As a Wix Website Designer, here are my tips:

Because the full width Strip Images in Wix scale to different sized screen widths, there is no “best” size, as they crop differently depending on the size of the browser window. You can control, however, the position of the image in the crop, so you can crop top down, left/right, down up. See my attached screenshot on where to find this setting.

That said, wide images work better than tall ones, and sizing them to 1920 pixels wide by 900 +/- pixels high works best to keep your image resolution quality high. I often re-crop my images various ways and test them out in Wix to find what one fits best based on the content, so be patient and test different crop proportions and height sizes to see what works best in the design.

Adjusting image crop positioning in Wix