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Add Emails to Wix ShoutOut

As a Wix designer, my clients often ask how they can use Wix's email-sending platform, ShoutOut. You can upload subscribers and add subscription forms to the Wix site, and then you an use their ShoutOut "Email Marketing" platform to send out to your list of subscribers. CSV Files: The easiest way to import email contacts is to create a CSV file (comma separated values, which can be made by putting one email per row in Excel, and then exporting as a CSV. You can also have name, phone number, and other information spanning the columns (one subscriber per row) to keep that information in the database, although just an email is sufficient.

  1. Login to to see this dashboard, Click on “Email Marketing” box

  2. Click on desired contact list (Group) to Import Contacts to. Then, click on the “More Actions” dropdown in upper right, click “Import Contacts” to add a list of contacts in a CSV file (CSV is the standard format to export from other email programs or from MS Excel)

  3. - OR - you can also add contacts one at a time using “Add Contact” button

  4. Once you click on "Import Contacts", Wix will walk you through adding a CSV file or using your Gmail to import contacts.

  5. Choose CSV File > and follow the prompts, a couple notes:

- if they're subscribers.Make sure to Check on "Set contacts as subscribers" - Make sure to select the dropdowns (email, first name, last name, etc) to match up your CSV to the Wix ShoutOut database, so it understands what is what

  1. Complete import and you're subscribers will be in the list!

Now you can select that Group list whenever you send out a email through Shout Out.

See screenshots below to walk through the steps:

LARGE EMAIL LIST NOTE & WARNING: If you already have a large email list over 500-1,000 subscribers to import, Wix ShoutOut will block you from sending to your entire list and it will require you to break the subscribers into smaller lists and send out to less than 500 at a time to start. As you get good responses, you can incrementally keep adding 500 at a time until you reach your full list size. This is frustrating, so if you've been using MailChimp or other ways to reach out to a big list of emails, you may not want to use Wix's Shout Out if you have something that works due to this limitation. It can be overcome by slowly adding more and more to the list and building a good reputation to allow for more to be added, but this takes time, and these days... who has time?!


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